Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bad, Baby® Dry Shampoo Pen Review

*Self Purchased*
Recently I posted this photo on my Instagram page and found that it was commented on by a company suggesting their dry shampoo pen. Intrigued by the notion of a truly travel size dry shampoo I decided to give it a try! And since I already did the dirty work for you I'm going to tell you about it today!

Bad, Baby® was created due to a noticeable a gap in the hair care market for functional, portable, and high quality hair care products for the modern, hustling, bustling woman. Looking your best doesn't come easy when you've got to manage work, and your own personal life. Ever tried fitting a can of hairspray and dry shampoo in your clutch? Yeah, they know, it doesn't make sense. 

Bad, Baby® packaging uses only the finest technology, being packaged in the world's first patent-pending Aerosmall®, Aerosol Technology. Pen sized and compact so your hair can stay in top shape wherever your day may take you. 

With no need for fillers or modification, each and every Bad, Baby® product contains naturally sourced ingredients. Their NutriBlast® complex includes natural milk thistle oil, and apricot extract, Vitamin E, and keratin won't just ensure the job is done, but is also GREAT for your hair. 

No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates; always.Which is great for color treated hair and really something that is important to me!

As someone who has tried many different brands of dry shampoos, this pen has been one of the best I've ever tried. Its convenient size allows me to carry it with me in my purse or easily for travel. .

The product itself feels light on your hair, smells clean and fantastic! Seriously, I'm slightly obsessed with how GOOD it makes your hair smell. 

I noticed ZERO white residue on my hair and it did not weigh down my hair.  It absorbed any greasy feeling while feeling almost non existent in my hair.  A lot of times I feel like dry shampoos leave a weird residue behind. Not this. 
Don't let the small size fool you! With over 200 sprays per can you can still use this at home and on the go to your hearts content. I'd still love a full size bottle though Bad, Baby!

Available via Bad, Baby website for $7.99 ($4.99 shipping) or Amazon for $9.99 plus free shipping. Also available at Ulta stores nationwide. 

Tell me what you think! Do you love Dry Shampoo? Would you try this travel-size savvy product?

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  1. What an awesome idea!! I'd love to have something like this for root touch ups too (red hair, ash-y roots .. not pretty).

  2. I've never used dry shampoo, never had the need for it, since my hair isn't oily and i'm blessed with hair that takes some time before it would show that i need to wash my hair. :-)

  3. Oh this is such a clever idea, definitely much handier if you can quickly pop it in your bag! x

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