Saturday, October 22, 2016

Joyful (2 Versions) by Joy Lacquer

*Press Sample*

Have you ever heard of Synesthesia? It's a neurological condition in which the stimulus of one sense is perceived as sensation of another.  Imagine that hearing a certain word recalls a "flavor" or feelings evoking a "colorful" sensation.  An extraordinary and rare blending of the senses!  If Joyful had a color, this bright purple and sparkly turquoise might be a close interpretation!

This thermal pigment is heat reactive and is very sensitive, just how we like it!  It transitions with even just a little change in temperature of a slight free edge on your nail.  Typical body temps will show teal on the warm nail bed and purple on the cooler tips.  With the cheerful combination of colors and pretty sparkles, Joyful will definitely make you want to smile!  

Available with electric turquoise micro-flecks mixed in, or with the ultra-fine, shifty teal shimmer dust.  Or buy both and save two dollars!   

This is the electric turquoise micro-flecks version.

 This is the ultra-fine, shifty teal shimmer dust

 "Joyful" will typically apply opaque with 2-3 thin coats.  Some thermal pigments tend to have a slightly thicker consistency.  Feel free to add one drop of nail lacquer thinner at a time, then roll to achieve your desired viscosity.  I had mini's of this polish to swatch and didn't have any consistency issues. 

Which version of Joyful is your favorite? Its hard to choose but I think the shimmer dust is my favorite!

These polishes are on sale NOW over at along with some special seasonal scented cuticle butters! Check it out!  Be sure to LIKE Joy Lacquer on Facebook and Follow on Instagram for more! 

*Provided for swatching purposes*


  1. I adore both versions! And I am one of the lucky people who has synesthesia. It is a total trip!

  2. I love thermals and here both colour shifts are stunning!

  3. The shimmer dust is amazing. I can't even with how gorgeous it is!!!

  4. I love these so much! It's been a long time since I've been excited about a thermal polish.


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