Monday, September 5, 2016

Joy Lacquer - KinderQueen Collection

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Its Labor Day and here in the U.S. its the official end of Summer. Its also back to school time and this year is extra special for both Joy (the creator of Joy Lacquer) and myself because our babies are going to Kindergarten! When Joy told me she was creating a collection based on this major life event I was thrilled to be involved! My daughter, Kenley, started Kindergarten before Labor Day and she is loving it.  A KinderQueen for sure and this collection has great inspiration. Class is in session, so let's jump right in!

Where did my baby go?

Josie Joy 
A rich iris purple linear holo with a subtle red/orange chameleon shifty-ness and a smooth finish.  In honor of Joy's daughter starting Kindergarten this year, Josie's favorite color purple, is named after her in this school themed collection.  Josie Joy is a perfect purple and I love the shift which makes this so interesting.  A smooth, easy to apply polish in 2 coats.

HOLO-TASTIC in the Sun!
PB&J Yay! 
This delicate looking polish is a shimmery taupe with a strong pink flash.  It includes copper brown flecks, and a few raspberry and grape chrome flakies speckled in. The base has a smooth "buttery" application, but is still a bit "jelly" to accommodate layering of the flakies.  PB&J is a classic memory for those who brown bagged it to school every day and this is Joy's interpretation of the classic sandwich, represented in the most beautiful way possible!

Seriously who doesn't love a PB&J and this polish is the most sophisticated representation of it! Two coats for total perfection.  This is one of my favorites from the collection and its perfect for fall!

Crush on the Blue Eyed Boy 
A beautiful royal-blue violet with a sparkling jewel-like shimmer.  There is abundant purple and blue micro-flecks throughout the polish and dash of scattered holo dust that gives it an extra twinkle.  The one thing you remember most about your first crush is the color of his eyes and this polish was made to match a dreamy shade of blue.

I've had a crush on a blue eyed boy many many times in my life plus my favorite color is could I not LOVE this polish?! The micro-flecks make this a very special blue in two easy to apply coats. 

These Baby-Blues Sparkle in the Sunshine!
I Heart My Teacher 
A linear holographic pink that's fun and bright, I Heart My Teacher is even more beautiful when you notice the combination of subtle gold and lavender flashes that catch in the light.   Being a teacher takes patience, commitment and a huge heart and this is a tribute to the incredible people that make up the fiber of the education system.  Teachers, we heart you!

My mom, my cousin, a few of my friends are all teachers and I know its a HARD JOB. This polish is a beautiful tribute. I love the gold and lavender flash in this polish and the sparkle in the sun is amazing. The formula on all these is really incredible and two thin coats is all you need. 

That gold and purple flash in the sunshine!
Crocodile Tears 
In this iridescent micro-glitter-bomb top coat, the turquoise, aqua and emerald-green elements take several forms.  Multi-sized and multi-shaped holographic glitter glisten in sheer pearly base.  This ethereal aqua top coat shimmers with an opal-like finish and will transform any base color into sparkling drops of wonder.  Tears on the first day of school, it happens.  The kiddos might be crying crocodile tears, but once my kinder-queen is in class, mommy's tears are going to flow for real!

From the time my daughter graduated from Preschool this mommy has been crying crocodile tears! This glitter topper is such a sweet reflection of the love and emotion that goes into Kindergarten! Use this over a complementing color (shown below over Show & Teal) or white

Crocodile Tears Glitter Gradient over Show & Teal
Show and Teal Day  
A bright blue-green color that leans deeper emerald and has a light holo finish.  This bright teal is more than meets the eye because you'll notice it pops with electric blue sparkles and shimmers with a bright green and gold flash.   As a kid, the much anticipated Show and Tell Day was the highlight of our week and this polish is definitely brag-worthy.

I can't even tell you how much I love this teal polish and it truly pops and sparkles from the inside! The formula on this is the same perfection as the others, shown in two coats.  

Brand New Black Pack 
Brand new school year means a brand new back pack! This is the thermal of the collection. A black to gray scattered holo with an intense galactic finish. When warm, the gray shows speckles of black holo microglitter and silvery lavender shimmers.  In the cold state, it's a deep charcoal-gray that highlights the  reflective holo glitters, and again the beautiful scattered purple effect.  Just like the polish "fades" as it warms to you, your backpack might go from a shiny and new at the beginning of the year, to a comfy worn color by the last day of school. 

This Black Pack Sparkles in the Sunshine!

The KinderQueen Collection will be available on September 9th at midnight (EST)/9:00 PM (Pacific) at The collection will all retail for $10.50 for each full size (13 ml.) individually.  For full collection discount, enter the code KinderQueen at check out. It will take $1.00 off each bottle, bringing the price to $66.50 for the full collection.  Mini collection (7 ml bottles) will be available in limited quantity at 7 bottles for $36.00.

Tell me what you think of this collection! What colors are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you! 

*These polishes were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Brand New Backpack and PB&J are stunning!!

  2. I just posted two of these today and loved them. Black pack is amazing. I'll need to grab that!

  3. This collection makes my heart happy. So cute!

  4. I seriously can't pick a favorite. All the colors are gorgeous!

  5. What a lovely collection. Your swatches are incredibly gorgeous x

  6. Ooh, I love these! I think Brand New Black Pack is my favourite.

  7. I love the inspiration and names for these! My oldest is in a preschool program part time, and I know it's going to hit me hard when he starts kindergarden!

  8. Amanda, I loved reading your comments on each one. I'm so impressed with the gorgeous photos! Thank you!

  9. Amanda, I loved reading your comments on each one. I'm so impressed with the gorgeous photos! Thank you!


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