Sunday, September 11, 2016

Collection 10 & Wild West Plates - UberChic Beauty!

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Its been a crazy few months in my life and I haven't had nearly enough time to talk about nail art and adventures in stamping. Let's change that today by looking at one of my favorite new plates and collections from UberChic Beauty!


This Collection has a little bit of everything! Some floral, some geometric, some patterns, some prints...and you have to check out the phrases down the middle of each. We are particularly happy about the "Haute Chic" and the "Punch Today in the Face"...because let's face it - sometimes we need to do just that!

Let's start with a look from plate 10-01! There are so many interesting images on this plate and I love the mix with similar images in different sizes, configuration and negative space. I choose these top left curvy lines to accentuate a polish combo that I'd been dying to try!

The base of this mani is Ever After "2 Peace in a Pod" stamped with Colors by Llarowe "Pink Lady" holo stamping polish. 

From Plate 10-02 I was loving the stained glass images that are offered in negative space also.  Below I did a base of il etait un Vernis polish in Paeonia . I love these beautiful polishes from France. Stamped with "A Bolt From the Blue" from Hit the Bottle (Australia). I get both of these beautiful international indies from Beautometry in the U.S.

From Plate 10-03 I was loving the row diamond images and used Colors by Llawroe "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" as the base and stamped it with Hit the Bottle Black stamping polish. This look was actually done as apart of a larger collaboration I participated in with a group of folks to highlight images from every single UberChic Beauty collection plate thus far! See the collage of that project on IG here.

Grab Collection 10 on UberChic Beauty's website for $24.99 for all three plates.

  Wild West-02

Take a trip to the West and let your fingers embrace every flavor, every pattern and every essence that this rugged terrain has to offer. From tribal patterns to arrowheads, bears to barbed wire - this plate has so many excuses to let your creativity take flight.

When this plate was released I HAD TO HAVE IT. I love Western themed prints and images, and living in Colorado I felt this is a must have. 

For this plate I really wanted to use colors like turquoise and tan.  I had this beautiful bottle of Polish M "I need Beach" that looked like it would pair beautifully with Painted Polish "Mermaid Melody".  Which I stamped with black from Hit the Bottle. Although I used a different image for each nail, the look still felt very cohesive to me. I loved this mani. 

For the second look I wanted to use the new color "Show and Teal Day" from Joy Lacquer and used a new Hit the Bottle color I recently bought from Beautometry called "Taupe-lessly Devoted to You". 

Grab the Wild West 02 plate on UberChic Beauty's website for $14.99.

There you have it! Just a couple of looks to inspire you for the unlimited looks you can create with these beautiful UberChic Beauty plates.  Tell me what you think of these looks and/or these plates! I'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to follow UberChic Beauty on Facebook and Instagram (and join the Facebook Fan Group, UberChic Geeks!) to see more great mani's and so you don't miss out on new product releases! In fact, UberChic Beauty just release some amazing new Fall and Halloween themed plates (see below) that I've very excited to get in the mail any day now! Check out all the latest releases here!

*These plates were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Lovely polishes and i've seen some interesting stamping prints. Yes next month it's all going to be about Halloween nail art.

  2. The plates are really nice, love their prints. And those nail polishes look great too. Can't wait for Halloween! :)

    1. Oh I know! I'm already brainstorming looks with the Halloween plates 01-02!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! There are always endless possibilities!

  4. UCB Plates are come with great quality and beautiful designs. I am stamping lover so I have all collections of them. Great post.

    1. I agree, awesome quality! Thanks for reading!


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