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Pretty & Polished - Connie and Carla Collection

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Its Monday (boo!) but I have the new Pretty & Polished Collection for you today for #ManiMonday (yeah!!). Just released this weekend, for your viewing pleasure its the Connie & Carla Collection!
This collection is based off the movie Connie & Carla (2004). It is a comedy and Chelsea, the creator of Pretty & Polished highly recommend watching it. It didn't get great reviews but it is her favorite feel good movie and the potential for the shades was just too overwhelming, she HAD to make it into a collection. 

About the Movie:
Best pals Connie (Nia Vardalos) and Carla (Toni Collette) have a song-and-dance act at a Chicago airport, but they go on the run after witnessing a murder. In Los Angeles, they glimpse the city's drag queen scene, and believing that stage success is just a wardrobe change away, they become female impersonators. They fall into a circle populated by Connie's beau, Jeff (David Duchovny), and bar owner Stanley (Ian Gomez). But the killers want to make sure the women never tell what they know.

There are 7 colors in this collection and they are all fabulous! Lets jump in and take a look! 

Don't Be a Drag - A purple Jelly base packed with Holographic and Sapphire glitters. This movie is all about Drag Queens so there needed to be a Drag inspired polish.

Shown here in two coats. There is a lot of glitter in all these polishes and this can have a little texture when it dries, but glossy top coat takes care of that. 

Quick Change Queens - This is a gray (cold) to nude (warm) color changing polish packed with different shades of glitter. This polish represents the queens who put on shows (just like in the movie) and have to work their tails off to get in and out of their fabulous outfits. 

When I first saw this polish I didn't know it was a thermal, I was so in love with it in the cold state, I was so surprised when I put it on and it turned nude. All the better to see those great glitters! Shown in two coats with top coat. I don't have anything like this shade and its one of my favorites!

Debbie Darling - A light golden crelly base packed with gold and red glitter. Debbie Reynolds is a well respected Hollywood starlet in general but most definitely in the Drag community. She is an inspiration and some Queens even base their performances and characters off of her. She is spoken about in the movie several times and even makes an appearance in a gorgeous red outfit with her golden hair.

Shown here with two coats plus top coat. This is a serious stunner! 

Belles of the Balls - This is a very dark blue, leaning black, jelly base. It has black and blue holographic glitters and neon dot glitters. This polish represents a performance group in the movie. Connie and Carla and the Belles of the Balls! 

I used two coats for the photos plus top coat. I love the dot glitters floating in this one. The jelly base of this polish is serious perfection and I didn't have to "fish" for any glitters either!

Peaches 'N Cream - This polish has a white crelly base and is packed with peach glitters in different sizes. Two of the characters in this movie are a duo called Peaches 'n Cream. The one half of the duo, 'N Cream, is played by one Chelsea's personal favorite actors Alec Mapa. He is absolutely hilarious and a generally wonderful person IRL. One of her favorite quotes from him in the movie "My name is 'N Cream, what does it even mean?"

White crelly with some subtle glitters, enough said. A must have. Two coats of crelly perfection. 

South Pacific Sing Along - A light blue crelly base packed with colorful glitters of varying sizes. This polish represents a part of Connie and Carlas show in the movie. South Pacific is a Musical and one of the more prevalent songs in the movie is from that musical called "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair". 

I love the base and glitter color combo in this one. This can be somewhat textured with all that glitter so I recommend 2 coats of top coat. I used 2 coats of polish and the glitter is abundant! 

Scary Mary - This is a red, leaning more berry, jelly base packed with red glitters. The term "Mary" is used as a term of endearment in this move. I got the name from a line in the movie "That's scary, Mary".

The only thing scary about this polish is how beautiful it is. The application on this one is outstanding. Show here with two coats. This is also a stand out in my book and perfect for fall! 

In addition to the Connie & Carla Collection Pretty & Polished also recently released Veils Collection. This collection has 6 color changing toppers. You can use these polishes over any color you want to and even use them in stamping and watermarble manicures for disappearing nail art!  I really need my life to slow down so I can do some cool nail art with these. 

Hexed is a Deep Red (cold) Color Changing Topper that turns Nude when warm.  This polish has so many shades that it goes thru and I have some interesting ideas of how to use this especially around Halloween!

New Order is a Bright Purple Tri-Color Changing Topper. Its darker purple when cold and pink then almost clear when warm. Both of the Veils change colors rapidly!

You can shop both the Connie & Carla Collection and the Veils Collection online at Pretty & Polished.  These polishes range from $4.50 (for a 6ml mini) to $8.50/$9.00 (full size 15ml). Be sure to follow Pretty & Polished on Instagram as you have chance to win the entire collection and a copy of the movie! LIKE Pretty & Polished on Facebook to stay up to date on new collections and promotions. 

Tell me what you think of the Connie & Carla Collection as well as the Veils Collection! Which polishes are your favorites? Have you seen the movie?  I feel like I need to give it a watch as I could always use a good laugh!
 *These polishes were provided for swatching and honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Don't Be A Drag and Scary Mary are my favourites! So much sparkle!

  2. Great review. I love those thermals! They would make for some awesome negative space nail arts

  3. What a fun collection with great inspiration

  4. Great swatches and review. The thermals are really intriguing, and I love the big round glitter in Belles of the Balls.


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