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Love & Lotus Naturals: Mermaid Box

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Last year around this time I told you about Love & Lotus' limited edition Boho Box (view that post here) and for the last several weeks Melissa at Love & Lotus has been working on a Mermaid themed box that I've been VERY excited about.

When I first opened the shipping packaging I could already smell the salty breeze coming from within the box. This is just the beginning of your experience. 

The Mermaid Box cover is a beautiful piece of custom artwork done by The Red Elephant Art. 

The attention to detail in this box just blew me away.  And that's really part of what makes it so special. When you open the box you're met with more inspiration as well as the details of what is in your treasure chest. 

When you fold back the tissue paper and the netting you find all the products nestled in sea grass, shells and adorned with a starfish. I felt like I had found a treasure I didn't want to disturb. Except I was dying to look through it! 

Included in the Mermaid Box:
  • 2 (4oz) Whipped Body Butters
  • 1 (2oz) Whipped Body Butter
  • 4oz Sugar Scrub
  • 2oz Luxe Salt Scrub
  • Soothing Mineral Salt Soak
  • Perfume Roller 
  • Soy Wax Melt 
  • A Special Surprise! (more on that below


Lets start with the body butters! I adore Love & Lotus's whipped body butters. They are thick and rich, but soak in fast and leave your skin soft and silky for hours.  Plus they are not even a tad greasy! They are the best - hands down! 

Here are the scents that are exclusive to this box:

Aching for Breath (4 oz) A gorgeous Tahitian Vanilla Milk and Sugar Cream. *I'm in love with this scent, the sweet cream just elevates the rich vanilla*

Nereids (4 oz) Exotic Coconut, Pineapple, Tiare Flower, Peach and Vanilla Absolute. *This may be my favorite scent of the box!

Tributary (2oz) Fresh Rain, Sea Grass, Sparkling Lemon, Jasmine, Woods and Musk. *My surprise favorite!

These are all fresh, clean and wonderful.  I am a big fan of all three! I also love the special lids and label artwork on all the products. Melissa truly puts her heart and soul into designing everything in this box.

Let's talk scrubs! This box includes a 4oz Sugar Scrub and a 2oz Luxe Salt Scrub. 

I am already addicted to Love & Lotus sugar scrubs. They foam up nicely and are not harsh on sensitive skin.  They leave your skin soft and smooth - I even use them for shaving! 

Atargatis (Whipped Sugar Scrub) Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, Sea Salt and Sea Spray. This scent is really invigorating and I just love it!

Ondine's Curse (Luxe Salt Scrub) Woodsy/Musky scent with Dried Berries, Black Coconut, Lemon, Orange & Lime, Powdery Tonka Bean and Sandlewood. 

This was a great trial size. Like I said, I love the sugar scrub so I haven't used the salt version. I always worry that it may sting, but my fears were unfounded.  And the scent on this scrub is completely intoxicating and goes well with all other scents in the box. 

Triton's Storm (Soothing Mineral Salt Soak) Dried Beach Wood, Sea Grass, Sea Moss and Salty Oceanic notes. 

There are premium, high mineral count, naturally made pure salts are in every bag of this Soothing Salt Soak. This is not your typical salt bath. So indulge yourself, soak your stress away, relax your body, quiet your mind and nourish your skin! Wine optional. Read more about all the salts that are blended for your bath bliss. 

Have you tried a salt soak? They are meant to be detoxifying for your body and help relax you and soothe sore muscles.  I'm doing a run in a few weeks and I'm saving this to use after to recover. 

Fate Whispered to the Warrior, "You Cannot Withstand the Storm" The Warrior whispered back, "I am the Storm"
The box also includes some other great items as a compliment to the bath and body products. 

Siren's Melody (Perfume Roller Ball) Gardenia, Pumeria petals, Tuberose, Lily, Pikake and climbing Jasmine. 

This is very floral forward and I'm not a big floral scent gal. Though I like how this pairs overall with the other scents from the box.  I'd love to get a perfume roller ball in some of my favorite other scents (hint hint Melissa!).

Have you tried using Wax Melts? I love wax melts, your house will smell great, and they are so much safer then candles. When Love & Lotus started testing wax melts I was so excited - and when they officially went on sale I think I bought every scent. Shop them here! You will love these melts, the scent lasts for days! Don't have a warmer? I got mine at Kohls, but I've seen them at Target too!

Seashore (Wax Melt) Citrus tones, Soft Exotic Fruits, Coconut, Spiced Vanilla and Ozone. This smells amazing but I wonder if I could ever bring myself to melt this beautiful mermaid.....

"Sometimes in the waves of Change we find our true direction"

Let's talk some scent combos!  I really loved paring the luxe salt scrub with Tributary body butter for a night shower. The salty and soothing combination was intoxicating. Like a salty shower that gives you amazingly soft skin for total relaxation. I also really love using Aching for Breath with Ondine's Curse. There is just this allure with the two together. 

On the flip side, for an invigorating shower to start your day use the Atargitas sugar scrub. The sparkling grapefruit in this scrub is sure to awaken your senses. Follow it up with any of the body butters from the box for a wonderful, uplifting experience.

One last surprise! Love and Lotus teamed up with one of my favorite indie polish makers, Joy Lacquer, to create a custom polish inspired by the box! 

This is Mermaid's Tail and each box will receive a mini bottle (7.5ml) and this color will ONLY be available in this box.

Want to get your hands on this amazing box? You better act fast as there will only be 30 of these limited edition boxes for sale on Friday July 15th. The boxes will be $42.00 plus shipping at That is an incredible price for all the products' and all the detail in this beautiful box.

Tell me what you think about this box! Have you tried Love & Lotus? I'd love to hear from you! 

Even if you don't grab the Mermaid Box you can get many of these products in other scents online in Love & Lotus's shop.  While your there be sure to pick up the Sea Goddess Face Care line (you can read my review here) and Summer/Spring scents are still available (try the Raw Sugar Mandarin & Avocado, seriously!).

What ever you buy from Love & Lotus you will be happy! I've never been disappointed and all my friends and family love the products too! 

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Facebook: Love & Lotus
Facebook Fan Group: Love & Lotus Body Shop

*This box was provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I absolutely love their products, and the presentation on tis box is perfection!!

  2. Wow. This such a beautiful and thoughtfully made box. I'm going to have to check out this brand.

    1. Your really should....its my favorite!

  3. Wow this box looks amazing! I love the extra effort they made with the packaging x

    1. Seriously, the whole box was such a treat!

  4. Wow, I am seriously impressed by the presentation and attention to detail-- this box looks very luxurious! I haven't tried this brand before so I plan on checking them out!

    1. You really HAVE to! If you need any recommendations let me know!


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