Monday, July 25, 2016

A Mini Indied: Through the Looking Glass

*press sample*

*Press Sample*

Happy Mani Monday! Its time for a look at the next Mini Indied Box! This round the Mini Indied box is going "through the looking glass" with eight themed mini polishes by eight different makers including: I Am Custom Color, Dollish Polish, Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer, Heather's Hues, Contrary Polish, Joy Lacquer, Cupcake Polish and Lolita Lacquers.

So lets go down the Rabbit Hole another time!

How cute is the packaging for the box when you open it!? I'm all about the attention to detail! One of the things I love about the Mini Indied Box is a chance to try polish brands that I haven't tried before and there are a few in this box that I hadn't tried yet. 

First up we have Contrary Polish "We're all Mad Here" this is a cool grey with bright green shimmer and a green glow-in-the-dark effect (technically the glow is supposed to be blue-green but it just looks green to me!). Both the name and color were inspired by the Cheshire Cat. I used three thin coats for this photos. Had no application issues and loved the glow in the dark!

Cupcake Polish "The Looking Glass" is described as an orangey gold with gold shimmers and super shiny silver flakies. Its was inspired by Alice's travel through the looking glass. This was holo perfection in two coats.

Look at that holo perfection in the sunlight!

Lolita Lacquer "Loco"
Lolita Lacquer is one of the brands I had not tried yet and I probably would not have bought this color for myself at first glance (I buy so much blue and purple!) but man I would have been missing out! 

Loco a funky red with orange tones, full of beautiful purple holo glitter that is inspired by the movie's mad hatter! I used three thin coats for this mani and found the formula and glitter combo to be amazing.  This is one of the few smaller mini’s in the box and it made me want the full size!

Next Up is Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer.  This is the 2nd polish I have tried from this brand and again I was impressed with the formula. “Time's a He?” Black jelly packed with gold glass flecks, gold holo microglitters, blue microflakies, and green-pink-gold UCC flakes. Based off of the character Time. Dries with a textured finish so I used a heavy coat of glossy topcoat.

Which brings me to my favorite color of the box from a maker I’ve never tried (see that is why I like this box!). IAMCC (I am Custom Color) "Curiouser & Curiouser" is a quote Alice says shortly after falling down the rabbit hole. This color was inspired by the interactions between Alice and Caterpillar from the original Lewis Carroll book.

This light mint to medium teal ultra holo is loaded with iridescent and micro flakies and shimmer in teal, purple and green. Depending on the temperature it will act as a Tri thermal. You will find yourself saying "Curiouser and Curiouser" looking at this complex polish from every angle and with different lighting.”

The shift in this polish can be very minimal. My photos show three thin coats and the light is the shift under hot water.

Heather's Hues is another brand that I’ve had little exposure too but know that I’m missing out after playing with "Lost Your Muchness" which was inspired by Alice's gorgeous mandarin dress.

It's a purple base filled with purple, copper, orange, and green metallic and holo glitters, as well as a touch of blue/purple/gold/green iridescent flakes. There's definitely a whole lot of "muchness" and nothing lost in this polish! 

Dollish Polish "A Race Against Time" based off the White Queen & her stunning gown, this is a Lilac with duochrome shimmer (flashing from pink to purple) with violet holo micro glitters, and magenta and purple mutli-chrome flakies!  The name itself is based off the premise of Alice going back in time to save the mad hatter's family, all while time itself ( the character, Time) is hunting her down.

I adore Dollish Polish and really love this color because purple and flakies can do no wrong.  Shown in two coats.

Last but certainly not lease is Joy Lacquer: "Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" which is based on the White Queen. This quote is something she tells Alice she used to do in her youth. "Sometimes I would believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast" and advised Alice to do the same. 

Most of the White Queen photos from the new movie are represented by her wearing white and subtle lavender or gold touches. The color is a white shimmer with gold and lavender shifting chameleon elements.  There are rainbow microglitters added to the complexity but it's not a textured glitter polish.  Best applied in 2-3 thin coats.  It looks incredible in the sun

There are some great extras in this box too! These Alice in Wonderland themed vinyls from Toadarrific Vinyls are the perfect complement to your mani!

There is also a wonderful Coffee & Vanilla Soap sample from Joy Lacquer. 

The Mini Indied Box is now on pre-sale for $30.00 + shipping over at Preorder ends at midnight on July 31st. The colors in this box are currently exclusive only to this box.
If you order the box be sure to pop over and take a little Alice in Wonderland Quiz here for the opportunity to be upgraded to a box with all Full Size polishes. Remember you must have actually ordered the box to qualify for the upgrade! 

Tell me what you think! Have you ordered the box? Which colors are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you! 

See more swatches and join in the fun by following the @MiniIndiedBox on Instagram and joining the fan group on Facebook!


*These polishes were provided for my honest review


  1. Oh, I love all of these. For $30, I am sorely tempted to jump on this box of minis!

  2. Some super pretty polishes and flawless swatches ♡

  3. I am dying over that Heather's Hues! Heck, they're all stunning!

  4. I keep loving the idea of mini indies! My favourite in this box is We're all Mad Here!

  5. If I liked minis I'd be all over this!

  6. Gorgeous swatches and polishes. I live the idea of minis as a way of trying out several brands at once.

  7. These are beautiful! I didn't order the box this time around because unfortunately I have to adult but I'm really hoping that I can grab the next one!

  8. This looks like an amazing box, really gutted I misssed it :/ gorgeous swatches hun :D x

  9. It really took all of my strength not to buy this box, it looks amazing! Gorgeous swatches :) x

  10. Great swatches. $30 was a great deal for these!


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