Friday, June 10, 2016

UberChic Beauty - Collection 9 & New Mini Plates!

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If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I love to stamp. Stamping is a great way to add detail, dimension and art to any manicure.  There are a lot of stamping plates out there but my favorites are always from UberChic Beauty.  

With a diverse set of images and sizes their plates never disappoint and are great for all experience levels, from beginner to advanced. Recently UberChic Beauty sent me their new Collection 9 plates to review as well as a few new UberMini plates.  I've been using them in a number of mani's and I have a round up of these looks to share with you today! 

UberChic Beauty Nail Art Stamping Plates – Collection 9
 $24.99 for the 3 plate collection at UberChic Beauty

If you only get one Collection of plates all summer - this is it! Check out the wide variety of negative spaced images that show off everything from sandals to strawberries, orange slices to watermelons and so much more!

These will surely take your neons and watermarbling to an entirely new level! Tropical and summery delight included as this summery nail stamp plate also has flamingos, tropical flowers, pineapples, ice cream cones and even adorable dual-stick popsicles! 

One of the things I love about UberChic Beauty plates is the mix of images that are similar but in different sizes.  In particular I was drawn to these circles. I love being able to have the same image but in various sizes to fit my nail!
Here I did a vertical gradient of Painted Polish 'Sweet & Serine' and 'Radient & Rosy' from the Mothers Day Collection (view that post here) and stamped using my UberChic Beauty XL Clear Stamper and Konad White stamping polish.

I also like that in addition to full and small images on the plates that there are some larger images that allow you to pick and choose various areas of an image but still have a cohesive look.

Here I used this floral image but used a different segment of the image for each nail.  The base color is a beautiful Femme Fatal exclusive for Beautometry call 'Emperor'. The images are stamped with Hit the Bottle stamping polish in 'Tipsy Grasshopper'.  I dubbed this my Aussie Mani since both Femme Fatal and Hit the Bottle are Australian Indie Polishes.  You can find these all at Beautometry!

When I was recently working on swatching the new Lou it Yourself In-Betweeons Collection (view that post here) I was struck by how much I thought 'Neither Here Nor There' was a watermelon neon. With summer upon us I had to grab these watermelon image to create a decal to compliment the color. 

Uber Mini: Fabulous Feathers
$7.99 Available at UberChic Beauty and on Amazon

Feathers. Decadent, artistic or even just used an accent - these boho chic feathers will leave nothing out in your plate line collection! From the proud Peacock feather that shimmers in the sun to the Hawk and Eagle that surveys the land - this nail stamp plate is perfect for feather lovers of all kinds.  Find a feather that suits you and fly with it... ;)
Fun fact: This plate theme was originally brought to us as an idea from Carolina from Colores de Carol!

Back in May I had a post called Femme Fatale and Fabulous Feathers Friday (view that here). This is still one of my favorite mani's from the last few months. I can't help it, I want to feather stamp all my mani's!

While its easy to be drawn to the Peacock feathers, I was also drawn to this image which I think is a Hawk feather. It has such a unique design.

Uber Mini: Nautical
$7.99 Available at UberChic Beauty
High seas and starfish, coral and seashells, narwhals and sharks, goldfish and anchors, octopus and tentacles, lighthouses and sailboats...what more could you want on a nautical themed nail stamp plate? So ship ahoy mateys – we hope you enjoy our little bit of the sea!

I love nautical anything! I'm a Delta Gamma and our symbol is an Anchor so I'm totally partial to this plate.  I recently got some remix polishes from Polish M and just had to pair 'Beach Walk' with this plate.  In particular I was loving these images. 
Honestly I'm not sure what that image on the left is....waves? School of fish? All I know is I love it!  I used a brand new Hit the Bottle stamping polish called 'A Bolt from the Blue' which is STUNNING for this mani along with Konad white.  Gotta say I love the large shell double stamped over the other images.  Also who doesn't love coral?  More to come with this plate for sure! 

Uber Mini: Paris in Love
$7.99 Available at UberChic Beauty

Take a walk down the streets of Paris...indulge in the most delicious of cuisines, sip an espresso on a sidewalk café, shop the fashion capital of the world...let your nails dip into a culture rich with flavor, life and passion.

I was working on a review of some of the J'Adore Paris Collection from Painted Polish (view that here) and just HAD to use this plate. It isn't as "new" as the other plates in this point but the resulting mani is arguably one of my favorite mani's ever.

Notice the beautiful quote stamp in the middle? It says, "Aimer, ce n'est pas se regarder l'un l'autre, c'est regarder ensemble dans la même direction."  This is a famous quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and it has been translated to mean: "Love does not consist in looking at each other, but rather in, together, looking in the same direction."

Here I used 'You Had Me at Bonjour' (Painted Polish) as my base and stamped using Hit the Bottle in 'Spun Gold' and 'Purple Reign'.
There you have it! Collection 9 and the new mini plates.  I'd love to hear what you think - do you have a favorite plate or mani from the collection? What is your favorite plate from UberChic Beauty? 

Luckily you can grab any of these plates today on UberChic Beauty's website as well as some of my other "go to" items for all your stamping needs. Plus they have great rates for fast shipping! 

And just one more fun note, just TODAY UberChic released Collection 10 and a new Mandala themed UberMini plate! You can shop those here. I'll have these for you to review soon, so be sure to visit again!


*These plates were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. These plates look like so much fun. I love your watermelon mani

  2. Great review! I will definitely be picking up collection 10 soon.

  3. So beautiful! All your art is amazing, but my favorite is the flowers over the blue glitter. Stunning!

  4. These all look absolutely glorious! I need to pick up some new plates soon!

  5. Ahhhh! I love! Uberchic are some of my favorites. And all of your manis rock!!

  6. These are awesome! Love the watermelon nails!

  7. I love the Paris in Love plate, just got my first ever UberChic plates :) my daughter would go nuts over those water melon images as she loves every thing water melon lol x

  8. I love the looks you created with these plates. I agree that the combination of similar images in different sizes, or positive and negative images make UC plates great for building a cohesive mani.

    Great review!

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  10. Me too a stamp lover. So love u c plates. But I have only set six. Love ur water melon mani.


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