Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pretty Jelly Spring 2016 Collection

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Pretty Jelly has a fantastic new Spring 2016 Collection out that includes four stunning microglitters and five fantastic holos!  I've got a look at all the micro glitters and a few of the holos for you today. Lets jump into spring! Keep reading for a discount code at the end!

HARUKI is a teal holographic micro glitter speckled with multichrome flakies. I used three coats for these swatches. The base of this had some color to it (in addition to the microglitter) and opacity was pretty good after two coats.

CERELIA is lime green holographic micro glitter speckled with multichrome flakies. Shown here in 3 coats. My camera had a really hard time with this polish, it just couldn't seem to focus on all that glitter!

AVIVA is light pink holographic micro glitter speckled with multichrome flakies. Is it pink? is it purple? Its all that and more! Shown here in three coats.

NANA is a coral holographic micro glitter with gold shimmer and a standout to me from the collection. I'm not usually an orangey fan but how could you not love this bright, cheerful color. Shown in 3 coats.

KELDA is a green holo with blue and copper shimmer. This applied like perfection in two coats. LOVE THIS FORMULA!

WELBY is a bluish purple holo with green and gold shimmer. Shown here in two coats. The formula was very consistent on the holos. And check out the holo flare in the direct sunlight picture below!

Direct Sunlight Holo
 The glitters in this collection can also be used as an accent for the holos. Here I did a little glitter gradient with AVIVA and WELBY.

Overall I think this is a great collection for spring and I love the mix of microglitters and holo finishes. 

The microglitters (HarukiCerelia, Aviva, Nana) retail for $11.00 and the Holos (BomCaroun, Kelda, MirriWelby) retail for $10.00 at  Also, because May 1 - 7 is National Small Business Week use the code SHOPINDIE on your Pretty Jelly purchase to get 20% off an order of $20 or more.  

Tell me what you think about the collection! Which are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you! 
*These polishes were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*


  1. I love the range of colours in this collection! Nana is my favorite!

  2. I love the whole range of colours here. Nana is my favourite as its so unusual.

  3. This is a new to me brand; what a pretty colllection! Welby calls to me because it's purple, but Nana is also really cool!

  4. What a great collection. This is a new brand to me, so thank for introducing it! I think Kelda is my favourite of the bunch.

  5. Pretty Jelly is moving up on my favorites list! This collection looks so wonderful!

  6. I love this collection. I am a sucker for microglitter.

  7. These are all so incredibly stunning, the holos look super amazing!

  8. Really gorgeous collection and you swatched it perfectly. <3

  9. I absolutely loved this collection! Ive always been a Pretty Jelly fan but this collection was flawless!

  10. I must admit I do prefer micro glitters over bigger glitter polishes, but all of these look amazing x

  11. Such pretty swatches, definitely need to check out this brand for myself.


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