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Love & Lotus Naturals - SEA Goddess Daily AHA Facial Kit Review

photo courtesy Love and Lotus Naturals
*Product Testing*

I've told you before about Love and Lotus Naturals and how much I adore all of creator Melissa's products. From Face Wash, Whipped Lotions, Scrubs, Lip Balms and Bath Bombs I've tried everything that Love and Lotus has to offer. I'm a loyal customer and really believe in all the quality products that Love & Lotus sells. If your a personal friend or family member of mine odds are I've given you a gift from Love and Lotus.

When Melissa told me she was expanding her Sea Goddess skin care line and asked if I'd participate in the testing and feedback of the new products I jumped right in and said YES! I've been a "skin care junkie" for way longer then I've even been into nail polish. I was even a Clinique consultant for a period of time in college. So I consider myself a bit of a guru when it comes to taking care of my skin.  I'm 35 years old now and I've been using eye cream since I was 16. I'm on a personal mission to look as young as I can without the use of harsh and expensive treatments like Botox.

I've been testing and using the new line (along with several other women) since February of this year. What impressed me was that Melissa chose a diverse cross section of ages, ethnicity and skin types to test the line. We participated in providing detailed weekly feedback on the products and our individual experiences with them. Formulas were tweeked and retested by the group.

Now that we've completed product testing Love & Lotus sent me the final product that's now for sale in their online store. I'm excited to share this high quality, natural and affordable skin care line with you! 

This full skincare system is uniquely formulated for anyone wanting to soften the effects of aging.  All of these products combined in a daily regimen work to promote exfoliation, cellular renewal, strengthening and skin hydration.

​Each SEA Goddess Daily Facial Kit contains the following products and retails for $59.99 on Love and Lotus's website. For face wash, serum and day/night cream this is really an INCREDIBLE price. I generally spend almost this much just on one anti-aging product from Clinique.   

SEA Goddess Daily Facial Wash (4 oz.) Made to cleanse, remove dirt and excess oil while gently polishing away impurities. 

I love this face wash! I've been using this since I discovered Love and Lotus more then a year ago.  You only need a small amount, which foams up when you add water and rub between your hands. I don't recommend using this to remove eye make up because it has crushed apricot kernels that could irritate the delicate skin around the eye.  I remove my eye make up with a basic cold cream and warm wash cloth before using. Use on your neck as well!  

SEA Goddess Daily Structure Serum (1 oz.) This Daily Structure Serum is made to moisturize, strengthen and rejuvenate aging skin.  Made with botanical lipids and extracts to contribute toward regenerative activity.  Non greasy, absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

Key Ingredients Include: Sea Kelp chlorophyll and amino acids which assist in detoxifying the skin and provides elasticity; Tea Extracts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. They are high in natural AHA’s and zinc for healthy skin; Olive Squalane aides in oxygenation and cell regeneration; DPHP delivers collagen and plumps the skin; Apricot Kernel and Argan Oil regenerative and restructuring for smooth skin and optimal cellular function; Peptides improves elasticity, tightens and lifts; Amino Acids to even out skin tone; Hyaluronic Acid aides in collagen support, improved elasticity and smoothness; Helichrysum prized as one of the most powerful circulation and regenerative oils.

DIRECTIONS: For best results use twice daily (morning and night) after SEA Goddess Foaming Facial Wash.  Apply 1-3 pumps using a circular and upward motion until completely absorbed.  Follow with SEA Goddess Daily Complexion Cream or SEA Goddess Nightly Moisture Pack.

I love the way this makes my skin feel nourished and toned. Don't forget to apply to your neck! 

SEA Goddess Complexion Cream (2 oz.) A luxurious daily complexion refining cream designed to naturally exfoliate and remove dry, dull and damaged surface cells while restoring radiance and delivering hydration to reveal a fresh, younger looking complexion.

Key Ingredients include: Lactic Acid, provides efficiency in exfoliating and skin rejuvenating as well as provides moisture binding functions; Syncoll-Peptides to firms the skin and provides support and restructuring activities; AHA Phytofruit Mix a concentrated blend of five botanical extracts that contain several naturally occurring AHA’s.  Promotes younger, smoother looking skin by increasing the rate of skin renewal; Allantoin has a keratolytic effect to help combat dead skin cells which in turn let’s the AHA’s do their job. Multiple organic bound amino acids stimulates collagen synthesis to provide support and work at improving the underlying skin structure; Tea Extracts naturally detoxify and protect skin from free radicals; Sodium Lactate  natural AHA and a superior moisturizer, forcing fresh cells to hold hydration; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein replaces the natural lips in skin lost through harsh cleaning and chemical build up.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a pea size amount to cleansed skin, after SEA Goddess Structuring Serum, being careful to avoid the delicate area around the eyes.

I personally use It Cosmetics make up (Foundation/CC Cream) that has SPF 50 so this isn't a concern for me. I do recommend wearing an SPF on your face all the time to prevent sun damage in general.

SEA Goddess Nightly Moisture Pack (2 oz.) To give your skin a resting period and hydrate fresh new skin cells. Specifically formulated to repair and protect, this night time moisture pack is loaded with moisture binding humectants, proteins, lactylates and propanediol to deliver hydration deep into the tissues to soften, soothe, balance and support your skin enhancing natural night repair. ​A powerhouse of ingredients that are gentle, anti-inflammatory and assists in improving skin elasticity and tone all while you are sleeping for soft, supple, radiant skin.

Key Ingredients include:Vitamin E xcellent moisturizer and anti-inflammatory;Vitamin C provides potent antioxidant protection; CoQ10 nutrients that aid in the protection against free radical damage while supplementing the skins natural barrier to help retain moisture, Shea Butter nourishes for soft, smooth skin; German Chamomile Hydrosol provides a gentle, soothing effect on the skin (Anti-Inflammatory); Carrot Seed Essential Oil a wonderful hydrating oil for revitalizing mature skin; Lavender Essential Oil relaxing, soothing, enhances blood circulation.

Directions: Use nightly after SEA Goddess Facial Wash and SEA Goddess Daily Structure Serum.  Scoop a pea size amount onto fingertips and massage gently into skin and neck avoiding the eye area with circular, upward strokes.

As I mentioned above the Complexion Cream has Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help with cellular skin turnover. Think of these like a workout for your skin.  Sometimes you need to "work up" to using these daily depending on your skin type.

How do AHA’s work:  Alpha Hydroxy Acids mostly work as an exfoliate and are one of the most powerful ingredients in peeling away dead, rough and uneven layers of skin.  They work by dissolving the glue like lipids holding cells together and can penetrate deep into the skin to loosen these clingy bonds, causing dead skin cells in the epidermis to separate from one another.  

The result is skin that sloughs off easily, allowing new skin cells to resurface.  This increased cell renewal causes cells to become denser and more compact making skin a more effective barrier to irritants and holding moisture inside.  On the surface they create smoother lines, smaller pores and fresher looking skin. 

Who can use AHA’s: These products are suitable for most skin types. Those with combination, dry, mature or oily skin types will benefit from Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It is NOT recommended for skin that is sensitive, broken and/or irritated. I would also not suggest using AHA's if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What to expect from an AHA: If you have never used an Alpha Hydroxy Acid product before I recommend you start with every other day or every two days for the first 10 days while your skin becomes acclimated to using an AHA. About this time your skin will begin to "purge".  It is really an accelerated rate of exfoliation brought on by an active ingredient. Although the skin doesn’t rid itself of toxins, this process of exfoliation helps to unclog pores of dirt, oil and bacteria lurking under the surface and will result in a breakout.  Do not stop at this point.  This is normal and should clear up within about a week. Natural cellular turnover takes approximately 30 days.  Longer as we get older as there is less blood circulation, and less oxygen getting delivered to skin cells.Irritation is counter productive to positive results.  

**While a tingle directly after application is normal, it shouldn’t last more than two to five minutes. Itching, stinging, burning or redness are all signs that you should discontinue use of this product immediately. 

I personally have combination skin. Some areas are dry, some are more oily and before I started using the line my skin was all over the place. Like I said, I'm in my mid 30s and I've got some fine lines but also the joys of breakouts. When I moved to Colorado a year ago my skin further freaked out with dry patches. I was like "what is going on??"

I wouldn't say my skin is particularly sensitive but I did have some stinging and itching in the dry patches I had on my face when I first started using the day cream. Like I mentioned above, I started with the daily complexion cream only once every few days until my skin "worked up" to it. I'd say it took a good two weeks before I started using it daily. Even though I had some itching I was determined to use the product. And I'm so glad I did! I've been using it daily with no irritation.

My results have been great. I've had maybe two pimples the entire time since I've been using the system (that's since the beginning of February!)

Great looking skin is all about consistency and routine. Nothing and I mean NOTHING works overnight. Your skin is a living, breathing organism that requires constant care, lots of water and a diet full of fruits and veggies. Using this approach and using Love & Lotus's AHA Facial Kit I've got some of the clearest, healthiest skin of my life. 

I've already got my cousin, co-worker and close friend using the line and they are also loving their results! My friend (who has been using the system for just over a week) told me she likes it more than the (every expensive) Rodan & Fields products she recently tried.  I'm also testing an eye cream from Love & Lotus right now and hope that will be available soon (cause its also fabulous!).
Thank you for my clear skin Love & Lotus! 
Tell me what you think! Have you tried indie skin care before? Would you consider trying this system from Love & Lotus? I'd love to hear from you! You can find all the Sea Goddess products on Love & Lotus Website

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*These products were sent to me for testing purposes and the final products were sent as a thank you. All opinions are my own.


  1. The foaming face wash seems quite nice. I will have to check this brand out!

    1. Its sold individually too. You only need a dime size amount to clean your whole face.

  2. While I am bit hesitant to try out indie skin care, these products all sound really great and your skin looks wonderful! As I am approaching my mid-30's, I am definitely more interested in taking care of my skin so to stay looking younger longer! (Now if only my hair would stop turning grey!)

    1. I know right?! Damn Grey hair.... I'd really encourage you to try it. You can beat the price and the results are fab. I'm 35 (eek!)and its been trans formative for me. If you do decide to try it out, let me know!

  3. As part of the test group who tried this skincare line, and an esthetician myself, I can attest to what an amazing facial line this is. The process of being involved and Melissa's attentiveness to each one of our needs, really proves that she created this with a wide range of skin types in mind. I am obsessed with ingredients and know exactly what I'm looking for in a facial routine. I consider my skin to be sensitive, thin and I'm on the back end of my thirties (Eeek is right. This year I will round up to being closer to 40. WUT.) The serum and the night cream are both products I will use for as long as Melissa continues to make them. The day cream gives amazing results and can probably be geared toward a thicker or more oily skin, but I am able to tolerate it, as well. I highly recommend these four products to anybody, even if don't think you are in a skin care rut and love what you use. You have to try it for the price! The creams will last upwards of 2 months and the scrub might last 4 months. Math, math,, this skin care line is a steal for the quality of ingredients alone! And Melissa will gladly guide you with indications or questions you have while using it. Join her FB group! She's great and definitely knows what she's doing with her recipes. Great review Amanda!

  4. This is a great and thorough review! Awesome. :) I love that the products come packaged together in a kit.

  5. Love indie skin care! These sound fantastic!

  6. That serum sounds great - I love lighter moisturizing options for summer.

  7. Great review and beautiful photo ♡

  8. These sound interesting and have some great ingredients. Tganks for the thorough review!


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