Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Mini Indied - Spring Collaboration Box!

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I love collaboration boxes and one of my favorites in the A Mini Indied Box. This is the 3rd edition of this box with 8 new brands to get to know but 10 polishes to love.  In addition to the 10 brands in the box, there are a few extra treats! Check out the adorable Mini Indied helmer sticker!

There is also a  bonus maker, Love and Lotus Naturals, providing a sample of my favorite body butter in ​Serendipity which has soft notes of citrus, vanilla, orange and wild coconuts. If you haven't tried Love and Lotus's body butter you are missing out!

And one more fun surprise this round! Ten lucky winners will receive an upgrade of ONE full size color in their box of nine other mini's.

One of the reasons I love the Mini Indied Box is the ability to try new brands and there are three new to me in this box. So lets start with those! All these polishes are currently exclusive to the Mini Indied box, though you could see them sometime in the future.

Le Polish 'Or You Chidding Me?' is an orchid pink scattered holo with aqua shimmer. This is a new brand to me and thanks to this polish I want to see more.  I used two coats and found the formula very easy and fluid without being thin. I really adore orchid and the aqua shimmer adds great sophistication.

Sassy Pants Polish 'Plum Crazy' has a plum holographic microglitter jelly base with violet and magenta holo glitters. You may already know Sassy Pants Polish for their sister business Handmade Natural Beauty. I've used a few bath products from Handmade Natural Beauty now but had not tried any of the polishes.  Apparently I have been missing out!

This is my stand polish of the bunch! I love everything about this polish, the color, the mix of glitter and holo and the application. I want a full size of this please! Shown here in three thin coats.

Polish TBH 'Hump Days'  is a purple crelly with a mix of neon glitters and a fine pink shimmer. I was skeptical about this polish at first but the consistency and ease of applying the glitters (no fishing) changed my mind!

Joy Lacquer 'We Collide-oscope' is a pearly bright orange shimmer polish with a yellow/orange opalescent finish. I used two coats and glossy top coat for this polish and it was perfection!

Philly Loves Lacquer 'Char-True To My Heart' is a sheer chartreuse green jelly with silver holographic shimmer and subtle aqua shimmer. This is my first Philly Loves Lacquer and I was very impressed with the formula. I've used three coats here and there is still some VNL but its a thumbs up on a color I would not usually buy for myself.

Parrot Polish 'Blue Marlin' is a deep blue green with a green gold/teal shimmer that shines from within. I used two coats with glossy top coat. This is really only my second Parrot Polish and I have to wonder why I don't have more.

Indigo Bananas 'Polish of Unusual Quality' is a holographic magenta red of unusual brightness and glow. The name is a reference to the Princess Bride (rodents of an unusual size) but unlike those rodents this is beautiful! I used two coats and glossy top coat for holo-riffic perfection.

Pretty Jelly 'Sparklers' is a deep indigo jelly base with purple to bronze to red chrome flakes and holographic microglitters mixed in. This polish has a distinct a nod towards the new Spring Pretty Jelly Collection - which I'll have for you next week! I used three coats and glossy top coat.

There is one additional mini in the box from Love, Angeline called 'Bronzed Heart' which is a matte bronze with gold shimmer mixed in.

The A Mini Indied Box preorder runs for 4 days only, from April 22nd-25th over on the Joy Lacquer website for will be $35.00 plus shipping. There is a separate listing for those purchasing in Canada as well.  After that time, the listing will close and boxes will be shipped on or before the week of May 15th.

Overall this is another fabulous box full of all the goodness that indie polishes have to offer! Tell me what you think! Which brands or polishes in the box are your favorites? Tell me below, I'd love to hear from you!

*This box was provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*


  1. That's only 8?? Isn't there 10?? Thx oh and great review I love your swatches! Thanks for doing that!! ☺️

  2. I can't get over Are you chidding me. So pretty!

  3. What a great box! I love the Polish TBH and Pretty Jelly color best!

  4. This box with minis is such a good idea!

  5. Polish of unusual quality is simply stunning ♡

  6. The Joy Lacquer is pretty. I wish I liked minis.

  7. So many nice ones, I liked Philly Loves Lacquer a lot!

  8. I love the idea behind this box so much, I swear I'm going to pick it up everytime and then never do. These all look amazing!!

  9. Love your swatches! my favorite got to be Joy Lacquer 'We Collide-oscope'.

  10. Gorgeous swatches! My favorite is definitly polish of unusual quality such a lush colour x

  11. Beautiful box! My fav is the parrot. They have my heart

  12. Beautiful box! My fav is the parrot. They have my heart

  13. Beautiful box! My fav is the parrot. They have my heart

  14. Such a cute box, love that they're all minis. I especially love Blue Marlin!


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