Sunday, March 27, 2016

Exclusives from the UberChic Beauty Launch Party!

The other weekend I got to attend the UberChic Beauty Launch Party in Loveland Colorado and what an amazing time it was! If you follow me on Periscope you got an inside look at the event! Today I wanted to show you some of the exclusive polishes I picked up from the event. Let's jump right in and look at all the pretties!

I picked up something from almost every vendor in attendance at the party. Everyone had adorable table set ups too showing off all their goodies. I wish I could have gone crazy and bought ALL THE THINGS...sadly I controlled myself.

Rings by Southpawlished
Sweet Lacquer Nail Vinyls
I've shown you some of Sweet Lacquer Nail Vinyls on my Instagram account - they are fabulous! At the Launch Party they also had an adorable line of new sweet shop inspired mani bombs, mani cupcakes and cuticle balms! Like them on Facebook and visit their website to order! 

Colors by Llarowe 'You're a Peach'(Exclusive)
This is a stunningly rich peach holo polish. Two coats shown but you could get away with one. I've heard this stamps too. Just saying, its pretty special. I purchased this exclusive at the event.

Stamped with UberChic Beauty image from Collection 8. And new CbL Lilac Petals Stamping Polish

Colors by Llarowe 'Teal we Meet Again' (Exclusive)
This gorgeous green leaning teal is filled with teal flakes. This was included int he attendee swag bag for the event.   Shown here with two coats.

Girly Bits 'A Kiss on the Chic' (Exclusive)
This beauty is an ultra sparkly champagne holo with silver flakes and holo twinkle and a snazzy violet shimmer. Shown with two coats. The purple shimmer on this is divine. I wish I had an extra bottle! I also had an opportunity to see Girly Bits new pastel stamping polishes, and picked one up as a sample. (hint, you will see it below) Like Girly Bits on Facebook and shop this Canadian brand in their online store.

Little Heavenly Polish Display <3

Love, Angeline 'Snow Berry Chic' (Exclusive)
Natosha at Love, Angeline created two exclusives for the event. Snow Berry is a purple matte with shimmer. I've shown it here with Topped with Love, glossy top coat.

Stamped with new UberChic Collection 8 image and new Girly Bits pastel stamping polish
Love Angeline 'Uber Love' (Exclusive)
Uber Love is a matte aqua with shimmer. Shown here with 2 coats and glossy topcoat.  I'm not sure that there are any of either of these polishes left but you can check by liking Love, Angeline on Facebook and checking out her online store.

Ah*Ha Nail Lacquer - PR to BL Shimmer
Ah*Ha Nail Lacquer was a completely new to me brand at the launch party and I was excited to learn that it too is a Colorado based indie! I picked up PR to BL Shimmer which is a thermal, shimmer polish. Its light blue when warm and a purple a leaning periwinkle when cold. Shown here with 3 coats. Give Ah*Ha Nail Lacquer a LIKE on Facebook and check out their online store to score this polish color!

Ever After 'Uber Pink' (Exclusive)
I can't lie, I LOVE this polish. I'm pretty sure its the perfect pink shimmery holo. Shown in two coats. 

Shown in direct Sunlight
Ever After 'Colorado Chic ' (Exclusive)
This is a blurple crelly with flakies and is a serious stunner!  Shown here in three coats. I'm not sure if there are any of these left but you can check the Ever After Facebook page and online store.

We had a sneak peek and were able to buy the spring collection early!
I also picked up a number of (non-exclusive) polishes from Emerald and Ash that I will have on the blog soon, so stay tuned! This was such a great event and it was amazing to spend time with other polish lovers and meet the makers!

Hey, that's me!
Thank you to UberChic Beauty for inviting me to attend the launch party! I had a wonderful time and was lucky to go  home with the entire boatload of new products and plates that UberChic Beauty launched that night! Have you checked out the XL Clear Stamper, new Mini UberMats or new stamping plates? They are all amazing and I will have a future posts about them on the blog! Be sure to LIKE UberChic Beauty on Facebook and shop their online store.


  1. So, so jealous of everyone who had a chance to go to this, and who had the chance to pick up these exclusives! They all look wonderful on you!

  2. It was so nice getting to meet you there! I wish we had more time to chat, but I know we were both so busy talking with everyone and snapping photos.

  3. How fun! So glad you got to go to it! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic time :)

  5. Thi launch party looks amazing and I so wish i could have gone. <3 I have the new mini clear mat by Uber Chic and I loooove it. I adore all your polish swatches and I've added a few polishes to my wishlist. <3 Beautiful job.

  6. This looks like it was so much fun! I wish I could have gone.

  7. Teal We Meet Again is so gorgeous! So jelly you got to go to this

  8. I so wish I could go an UC launch!

  9. Oh my god! These are gorgeous! I don’t know why such events don’t happen in any of the home studios NYC. I am dying here to go to such event launch parties. Please update me more of such events, so that I do not miss out on these at least.


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