Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Mini Indied: Back Down the Rabbit Hole

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I'm excited to bring you the next edition of the Mini Indied Box! With so many amazing indie polish brands on the market it can be hard to decide what to choose and who all to try next. Enter a Mini Indied Box with 10 mini polishes by 10 indie polish brands, designed to lead you 'down the rabbit hole' of the indie polish world at a price you can afford!

I brought you a look at the first Mini Indied box back in November which featured 10 best selling indie polishes (you can read that review here). In this box we meet another 10 polish brands, but this time the polishes you get are currently only available in this box! Now, that isn't to say that the brands won't offer these colors in the future, but they are not at this time.

EVER AFTER POLISH Pinksicle is a rich pink crelly, filled with silver flakes, bright pink shifty blue flakes and a touch of holo. I love the depth of this polish and can't wait to see it in the sunlight (be sure to check my instagram for more pictures!) Two coats for total coverage and the formula is divine to apply.  Visit Ever After on Facebook for more. (7.5ml)

DAZZLE GLAZE High Heel Heaven is a fuchsia shimmer polish with silver metallic and and iridescent purple micro flakies. I adore this polish because, metallic purple.  It also applies like a dream (shown here with 2 coats). This is my third mini from Dazzle Glaze who have a great mini bottle with a nice brush. Follow Dazzle Glaze on Instagram for more. (Larger mini)

MIDWEST LACQUER Wispy Whip is a white crelly with green shimmers, and a mix of sea-toned glitters in aqua and teal. Shown here in 3 thin coats. I love a white based crelly and the mix of blue-hue glitters does not disappoint.  Midwest Lacquers also has great, generous mini bottles - theirs are probably my absolute fav mini bottles. If you haven't tried this brand you are in for a treat! Visit Midwest Lacquers on Facebook.

POLISH ADDICT NAIL COLOR Vintage Rose is a pink to clear thermal with scattered silver holo and a mix of holo bright pink and copper micro glitters rose pearl shimmer, and red shimmer.  I used 4 thin coats here since the warm color of the polish is more clear with lots of glitters and I didn't want to see much VNL (visible nail line).  The polish transitions to a brighter pink when cold. Its subtle for me as a thermal but very pretty. Visit Polish Addict Nail Color on Facebook.

HEATHER'S HUES Live, Love, Lavender is a lavender pearl w/ violet shimmer, silver holo micro shards and a mix of violet, indigo, lavender and grape micro flakes. While I received this in a 5ml mini, those who purchase the box will get a bigger mini size (7.5ml). This was a bit think to apply but not unmanageable. Its probably just because its so microflakie packed in such a small mini. I bet the consistency in the larger bottle will be perfect. (Shown Three thin coats). Visit Heather's Hues on Facebook.

JOY LACQUER  Pistach-Oh! This is a pale pistachio green Creme with the slightest yellow shimmer.The polish has almost a slightly speckled look which I love. I really like the subtle, soft green and I'm not usually a green fan. Joy Lacquer has also got larger mini bottles since the last box and they are great (actually Ever After, Joy Lacquer and Lemming Lacquer all have the same bottles. Shown with 2 coats. Visit Joy Lacquer on Facebook for more!

CHIRALITY Sky Research is a medium tone blue with various shades and sizes of blue, red, and gold micro glitter. I had not heard of this brand before this box and WOW did this polish make me take notice. This is my personal standout favorite from the box. Not just because I love a good blue polish, but I really like the combo of the base and the micro glitter and even though its a 5ml bottle the formula was on point. Visit Chirality on Facebook to see more!

LEMMING LACQUER Nereid Crown is a coral holo with subtle gold sheen.  Nereids [neer-ee-id] are sea nymphs who help sailors during dangerous storms.  They are often depicted as beautiful girls wearing red coral as crowns and white silk robes trimmed with gold. (2 coats) This is my first Lemming Lacquer and thought the color was really rich (who doesn't love coral?!). It was a tad thick so I added 2 drops of thinner which made it perfect for me.  Visit Lemming Lacquer on Facebook.

 THE DON DEEVA Glitter Snob is a black crelly base filled with micro gold iridescent flakes that pull a rainbow of colors.  This is my first Don Deeva and I was impressed by the formula and easy coverage. Would like to see the brand offer a larger mini bottle size though. (Shown three thin coats)
Visit The Don Deeva on Facebook for more.

I know what your thinking, "wait, that's only 9 polishes and you said there were 10!".  You're right, there is one more polish but we are going to leave that as a surprise. Guess you will just have to order the box on Valentines Day to find out!

I will let you in on another secret though, in the box you will receive a Green Tea and Cucumber scented lotion bar sample from Handmade Natural Beauty. Their sister company, Sassy Pants Polish will be on of the brands featured in the May Mini Indie box edition! There may even be a discount code included. I've been using this on my cuticles and its very mouisturizing and lightly scented.

The A Mini Indied Box launches for preorder on 2/14/16 at for $35.00 + Shipping. Canadian Friends, look for the special listing for you as well.

Overall I think this is a great box. I love getting to try new brands because you never know who is going to surprise you.  Plus there are some great brands that I adore in here like Ever After, Joy Lacquer and Midwest Lacquer. Be sure to Follow me on Instagram for lots more swatches of these and other great indie polishes!

Tell me what you think! Have you tried any of these brands? Which polishes are your favorite? Did you try the last Mini Indied box? I'd love to hear from you, let me know below!

*This box was provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own*


  1. I might have to get this one! So pretty, great swatches

  2. That's a fantastic looking box! So many gorgeous polishes.

  3. Replies
    1. Right? I left it on for 2 days after swatching it. Usually nothing makes it past 12 hours.....

  4. This is fabulous. I'm having a bit of overload because I'm discovering so many great indie brands so your post was right up my alley. Can't wait for the surprise tenth polish. :-D

    1. I totally know what you mean! I am still blown away by all the amazing brands this box has helped me find :) So much pretty so little time

  5. Love this idea of a minis box! (fyi there's no link to your previous November post you mention"

    1. Duh! Thats what happens when you blog while tired. Here is the link - Thanks for checking it out!

  6. This is such a fun looking box! I'm really excited about it!

  7. I'm looking forward to a bunch of the things in this box! Definitely will be keeping an eye open for it Sunday.

  8. Awesome box! I especially love the green Joy lacquer!

  9. I am so excited for this box! Joy, Midwest, Ever After, and The Don Deeva are some of my favourite brands. And I have tried or been wanting to try the others!

  10. This is such a fantastic box! Why does the Canadian dollar have to suck so much right now lol.

  11. Gorgeous collection of colours and polishes x

  12. Sadly I'm not a mini girl, but this is such a great idea for people who just want to try things out!

  13. I haven't bitten the bullet yet, but I absolutely love the idea behind this box. I'm kind of at a point where I know I will never use all my polish, but I still want more. Minis seem like the perfect solution! I love Chirality and I think that blue is my favorite from this box.


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