Monday, January 18, 2016

Get Strobing with Kismet Cosmetics!

*This item was self purchased*

While I spend a lot of time here at Polish & Plates talking about nail polish and bath & body items - the other thing I love is make up. Oh yes, I've loved make up as long as I can recall. As a child of the 80's I spent countless hours raiding my mom's pink lipstick and blue eye shadow.

There are lots of make up techniques out there today and I've probably watched too many contouring videos then I care to admit.  While I'm all about using some bronzer to help define my cheek bones and slim my nose I don't think FULL OUT contouring is something that would look particularly natural in an office setting, at least not on me anyways. So what's a girl to do?

Enter 'strobing', which takes a different approach than its contouring counterpart.  Strobing calls for essentially highlighting … and lots of it. Rather than shading and blending, strobing accentuates your facial features by letting your skin glow.

Kismet Cosmetics recently launched Lovely Collection Illuminators that can get you glowing in no time. The line is available in three shades developed by company founder/makeup artist Caitlin Picou, that complement the skin by emphasizing and attracting light to areas of the face and body and adding a sun-kissed glow.  Picou explains that the illuminators make the perfect addition to every woman’s beauty routine. Illuminators are known as a ‘makeup artist secret,’ however, they’re quickly gaining notoriety in the beauty world.”

Pick your shade from Rosy – a pink tone for women with fair skin; Goldie – a whimsical shade meant for women with more of an olive complexion; and Toasty – that gives that just out of the sun glow of bronze.

I selected Rosy for myself as I am very fair. Now I am not new to strobing, as I have been using highlighters for YEARS.  I have used Benefit Cosmetics, High Beam ($24.00, Sephoria/Ulta) and would say the Kismet product is comparable but more attractive (packaging) and it has more light reflecting pigment. Plus it comes in shades for different skin tones. At $20 with free shipping that made buying this a no brainer for me.

The Huffington Post recently named Kismet's Lovely Collection one of the 5 best strobing products out there today! (Read the article here). So what makes this product stand out?

The Lovely Collection is made from natural ingredients that will promote healthy skin. Quality ingredients like sesame oil, a non-fragrant plant oil that naturally moisturizes skin, safflower seed oil, which repairs the skin’s barrier, and jojoba oil, which further enhances the skin barrier and stimulates collagen.

To achieve an ethereal glow, apply the product to cheekbones, brow bones, the center of the forehead, and the nose and chin. You could also mix the illuminator with your foundation, CC or BB cream and apply before powder to designated areas. After I have my eye shadow on I like to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.  Play around! See what you like best - you really can't screw this up!

More tips on how to use each product are available on Kismet’s website - Including this how to video!

The Lovely Collection is available on Kismet’s website for $20 each and come in a generous sized high end packaging. Based on the pigment, size, price, quality of ingredients and free shipping I'd say this is a great value.

It can be hard to decide if a product is right for you, so Kismet made it a bit easier. You can now order a sample size trio and try their best illuminating products from the Lovely Collection and  Opulent Body Bronzer for only $5.00 and everything ships for free!

While your shopping check out Kismet's Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion and Matte Velvet Lipsticks! You can check out my reviews on these products here! Don't worry if you are not sure which colors to choose!  The #MyKismetColor program personally advises customers on the best shades suit every skin type. This personal touch in making sure you are happy is something I love about Kismet!

Kismet Cosmetics is based in Covington, La. and its beauty products are made in the USA!  Have you tried strobing or asked What #MyKismetColor is for you?  If you do be sure to let me know!  Check out Kismet Cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram for more information and beauty tips!


  1. I love highlighters! They are a great way to get a really polished look with little effort.

  2. I love highlighters too, I use them everyday and I would love to try Rosy since I'm also very fair skinned.

  3. This is so interesting, I love the idea of the sample size trio!

  4. Loved reading this post. Sadly highlighters don't seem to suit me!


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