Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A England & Il etait un Vernis - New Colors from Beautometry

Beautometry is my favorite place to grab all the latest international indie polishes and stamping plates - recently they launched a new and improved website, as well as adding several new brands to the store.

Two of my favorite brands internationally continue to be A England (UK) and Il etait un Vernis (France).  Both brands recently came out with new collections - and while I'd like to have them all, I had to just choose a few to purchase.

Ever feel like you consistently gravitate towards the same colors? When my order arrived I thought that perhaps I had bought polishes too similar. So I decided to swatch them here for you today to see the difference.

Grands Crus Collection includes 5 wine inspired shades. While I'd love to have the whole collection, at this time I selected two, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 

CHARDONNAY is a soft grey with holographic dust, gold shimmers and tiny gold flakes. Chardonnay is the perfect nail polish to sport on your nails between the summer's end and the fall season. Opacity: 2 coats. The teeny-tiny gold flakes in this polish make it simply spectacular. While I usually change my polish everyday day, this one I left on for three! This is hands down an amazing polish.

PINOT NOIR is a dark ruby red with a strong velvet-like holographic effect... Very elegant, Pinot Noir will become the ally of all the red lovers. An instant new classic! Opacity: 2 coats.

One of my personal favorite boutique polish brands is A England (UK). I've mentioned before on the blog that this is really the brand that made me fall in love with indie polish. The Wuthering Heights Collection is inspired by the life and work of classical author Emily Bronte. Five stunning shades in an outstanding "butter like" formula that is A England.

CATHY is a ghostly, eerie white grey holo with an illusory flash of blue, the unhappy tormented female protagonist fluctuating as a ghost after her tragic and premature death. This polish has such depth for something so neutral. The color complexity of the not quite white, not quite grey color combined with the holo and haunting flash of blue make this simple polish outstanding. 2 coats for perfection.

LET ME IN is a dark red berry holo full of depth and passion, the haunting cry of Cathy as a ghost by the house where she lived her youth.  This is the color that really drew me to this collection, and I'm glad that it did. Its just spectacular and its a one coat wonder! 

While at first I thought I chose colors that were too similar, I'm actually quite happy with the contrast. Pinot Noir leans more red while Let it In leans more plum. Chardonnay and Cathy are totally different to me and I love them both.

These colors and so much more are available on! Tell me what you think. Do you like these colors? Have you tried either of these brands? I'd love to hear from you! And don't forget to hop over and enter the Black Friday Nail Polish Blogger Giveaway for 2 chances to win $133.00 paypal funds for your holiday shopping!


*these polishes were self purchased. All opinions are my own*


  1. Let Me In is so incredibly gorgeous! It just might become my first A England purchase.

  2. Let me in is a stunner. Gorgeous swatches x

  3. I love A England too and I sadly don't own these two, they are gorgeous:)

  4. I have yet to try out A England for myself, but I have definitely wanted to for a while.


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