Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Joy Best of Seattle Beauty - October Beauty Box, Halloween LE Preview

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My favorite time of year is fall and its just around the corner! I can't believe we are already here talking about the October Best of Seattle Beauty Box. OCTOBER?! If you are new to the Joy Best of Seattle Beauty Box you are in luck! This box is a great value of exclusive polish colors and new beauty products. So lets jump into fall, shall we? 

Jokes is a dusty purple creme, perfect for the transition to fall . There are a lot of purples out there right now but this one is a standout. Jokes has a slight shimmer that makes it more of a muted purple, but is still a deep lavender hue with two coats.

Nothing says Halloween like the colors orange, green and black...except maybe candy!  Jawbreakers is a matte glitter topper  with orange and black hex glitters and neon green dots.  This is a must have to accent any halloween mani. At first I was curious how these would look together, but I was pleasantly surprised!

This month we are welcoming Nutty By Nature Skin Care to the October box! 100% natural, handcrafted, line of skin care products created from nut oils and nut butters along with other high quality good for you natural ingredients. The October box will include a Grapefruit lip balm from Nutty by Nature. This lip balm  uses grapefruit essential oils for a really unique citrus smell that is refreshing and energizing. You'll love having it on your lips. All Nutty By Nature's lip balms use rich nut butters and oils for moisturization and beeswax to protect your lips.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook and visit their online store!

photo by Joy Lacquer

photo by Nutty by Nature
Also included this month is a 4oz Harvest Fig Butter from CityGloe. This rich lotion, made with avocado butter, is whipped lightly and melts into your skin. The scent is definitely a nod to the changing season. Semi sweet notes of fig mingle with rich, spicy fall scents. Be sure to check out more from City Gloe in their online store and keep up with them on Facebook!

There you have it! This box is such a great value, $20.00 for one polish and two beauty products. Want both Jokes and Jawbreakers? Its only an extra $5.00 for the second full size polish! These boxes go on sale Wednesday Sept. 10th at!  Don't be late, there are only 25 of these boxes available! Shipping is included! Be sure to LIKE Best of Seattle Beauty Box on Facebook and Instagram!

A limited edition Halloween polish collection is also coming to Joy Lacquer! Releasing on 9/13 is the Creepy Hollow Story Time Collection! These will be available till the end of October or whenever they sell out (whichever comes first!) There are so many awesome Halloween mani possibilities with these!

Flaming Pumpkin Head is an orange bronze metallic with copper holographic glitter. This polish is named after the iconic image we all have when we hear the name Ichabod Crane and the Legend of Sleep Hollow.  A flaming pumpkin head being hurled from a headless horseman in the dark of the night.

The Ribbon is a black to green shifting pigment with green chameleon spark. The story of the ribbon is told as a red, green or black ribbon. There was a little girl who wore a ribbon around her neck everyday and insisted that no one ever remove it.  She grew up and was married.  One night as she slept, her husband's curiosity got the best of him and he pulled the bow loose. The ribbon slipped to the floor, along with her head.

Skin and Bones is a transforming topper.  It's an iridescent cloudy white with a strong orange shift.  It's magic trickery will completely transform any color you put it on top of.  Named for the trick that Hansel played on the witch in the story of Hansel and Gretel. When they stumbled upon the candy house and the witch captured Hansel, her plan was to fatten him up and eat him.  He used a gnarled twig to poke through the cage, instead of his actual finger.  He was able to trick the nearly blind witch into thinking he was not gaining any weight.  She told him she would eat him anyway, no matter that he was still skin and bones.

First Born is a rich royal purple with blue flash and speckled green micro flakies.  Named after the story of Rumpelstiltskin, in which a little man was promised a young girls first born in exchange for spinning straw into gold.  The polish actually resembles a witch, but being a royal purple ties in with the girl later becoming queen and eventually guessing the name of the little straw spinner who tried to stump her.

Let's Be Frank is a glitter topper filled with matte purple, green and gray glitter dots peppered with black micro squares. Frankenstein was a grotesque creature created in a science experiment.  The colors represent the classic appearance of his skin.  Also a play on glitter being a typical thing polish lovers use to "franken" their own creations.

Bloody Mary is a black cherry thermal linear holo polish that turns blood red when warm. American folklore tells many versions of the scary story of Bloody Mary. She was a witch burned at the stake but before her final demise, she places a curse the towns people.  If any of them were to mention her name in front of the mirror, her spirit would haunt them for revenge.

Tell me what you think about the October Best of Seattle Beauty Box or the upcoming Halloween Collection! What are your favorite fall scents or activities? Tell me below, I'd love to hear from you!

*This box was provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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  3. Jawbreakers is amazeballs! Love love love for Halloween. :)

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  5. The season change is getting serious! Purple, orange, green, and black get me in the mood every time.

  6. Great box. I loved how you topped the glitters.

  7. I love the October box! Joker and JB are a perfect pair and perfect for Halloween!

  8. Gorgeous box of goodies, love that purple polish ♡

  9. Very pretty! I love that purple polish.


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