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Review: Spread Indie Love Box

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A few months ago my friend Natosha (Love, Angeline polish) and I were chatting about social media and the need for a positive space for those who love indie polish & beauty. We ended up creating a group called For the LOVE of Indies where we could have a positive community. Little did I know that the group would take off like a rocket or that it would snowball into something even bigger.  If you are not a member of For the LOVE of Indies I invite you to join, but know this is a loving and positive community. We are here to lift each other up, both makers and fans alike.

The Premier Summer/Fall Spread Indie Love Box will launch on August 31st at 9am MST on It will feature eight amazing brands, 4 polishes and 4 bath/body care products + samples galore from 8 other brands! There are 40 boxes (available worldwide) initially. Once those 40 are sold out, a preorder listing will be available (more on this below). The products in your box will be exclusive in some way whether it be by color, formula, packaging, or scents. This box will retail for $52.00+shipping, which as you will see is a really incredible value!

Without further ado - Lets take a look at the first Spread Indie Love Box!

Lets Start with the polish! I am excited to try all four brands included in this box as they are all new to me in that these are the first from these brands I have used.

(LtoR) Indigo Bananas, Bliss Polish, Polished for Days, Sweet Heart Polish

'How do you say LOVE for indies? With the shocking coral pink glass fleck shimmer 'Everybody Say LOVE!' by Indigo Bananas. A deeper pink indoors, and a glowing coral in the sun, this matte finish polish can be worn with and without top coat for two different looks. Can you say LOVE? Yes!"

I've seen Indigo Bananas all over social media and marveled at the beauty but I've just never gotten around to purchasing my own. Lucky me, my first is this! This polish is sublime. Its almost a one coat wonder (depending on the thickness of your coats). I prefer two thin coats. It was so buttery to apply, I'm addicted!

Visit Indigo Bananas store online and on social media for more amazing polish!

Bliss Polish gives us 'Amour' a crelly with a light grey base and white, gold, silver, lavender and coral glitters throughout.

This polish builds to opacity in three thin coats. Even though it has tons of glitters in it its very to easy to apply and the glitters spread well. Really a beautiful polish.

Visit Bliss Polish's store online and follow them on Instagram.

Purple Haze is a deep purple linear holo with flashing iridescent purple from Polished for Days. This polish is "purpl-ishous"! The formula was so easy to work with and there is a beautiful depth to the holo. I used 2 coats plus top coat. Love!

Our last polish of the bunch is "ALL THE LOVE! from Sweet Heart Polish. This is a clear glitter topper filled with a mix of matte, metallic and holographic glitter in periwinkle, lime, green, pinks and blues."

This polish is glitter packed! I decided to show it over Purple Haze. I had no application issues and didn't have to "fish" for any glitters.

Stardust Polish included custom scented Absolute Zero 2.0 Acetone Additive. Just mix this a half ounce mixture into your acetone or pure acetone you have at home to make it not only smell better but make it moisturizing but still as effective as 100% acetone. Score! I am loving this stuff!

Ingredients include (all organic) Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Distilled Water.
photo courtesy Stardust Polish
I added this to my Sally's 8oz bottle of Acetone and was mesmerized at how well it worked! My remover not only worked just as well, but it smelled better and did not leave my skin and cuticles dry at all! While the scents in this box are all exclusive, don't fret there are tons of scents in their store. Be sure to check them out! This is going to be a new product that I am going to buy for myself and would be great to include in any nail/mani related gifts you may send a fellow polish addict.

Dazzle Glaze pre-GLAMMING Luxe Sugar Scrub is designed to get your hands ready to rock your best manicure (although don't hesitate to put it all over)! This scrub exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time, sloughing off all that dead skin and conditioning everything to be super smooth and silky. This exclusive scent is a sweet mix of lush orchid, fragrant jasmine, and fresh freesia, with a hint of wooden musk and vanilla."

I adore a hand scrub and this one doesn't disappoint. Its smells clean and light and its texture is spongy and moisturizing.

A lot of people ask about the hand and nail care routine of a polish blogger, and I wrote about just this for The Little Beauty Guide. An awesome thing about this box is that it offers you everything you need for great looking, healthy hands and nails.

Using a scrub is a great first step in any hand and nail care routine. Exfoliating removes dead skin and allows more moisture to be absorbed when you use a mani bomb/soak and other moisturizers. Plus removing dead, flaky skin makes your hands look more smooth and healthy. Anytime my hands feel dry I have grabbed this scrub to use quickly and marvel at the results.
Dazzle Glaze Beauties on Facebook

Northern Star Cosmetics Nourishing Cuticle Oil in Enchanted Apple is a special blend of crisp apples and bergamot with hints of tangerine and lemongrass, the scent of late summer days fading into autumn.

This product combines six nourishing oils specially selected for those seeking moisture while dealing with allergies and sensitive skin, all ingredients used are cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and free of tree-nuts, gluten, and phthalates. Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Fragrance. Offered in a convenient rollerball applicator this has gone everywhere with me since I got it. I love the scent and the product really soaks in and moisturizes nicely.

You can use Rica's Babushka's Miracle Salve to treat many things such as skin irritations of all kinds, eczema, psoriasis, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, itchy skin, dry skin, rashes, burns, even baby diaper rash! You can also use it on chapped lips. Babushka's Miracle Salve is very versatile. It's all natural. There are no chemicals. This special salve has antifungal and antibacterial properties that aids healing. Ingredients are all organic and nut-free. This salve's formula is so gentle and can be used on newborns. It is also safe for dogs.

Who doesn't have skin issues? I know we do in our house! I have used this for many of the issues mentioned above already including small scratches, eczema patches, bug bites on my toddlers sensitive skin and every day chapped lips. This stuff is pretty amazing and I'm so happy I got to to try this as I'm not sure I would have picked it up otherwise. Now though? I'm addicted!

In addition to the core brands that will be included in each Spread Indie Love Box you will receive a ton of amazing samples from other indie companies. These are some substantial samples and add immense value to the box.  Lets take a look at these extras!

As I mentioned above this box has everything you need to do my hand-care routine. After using the DazzleGlaze Scrub use either the Forever Polish mani bomb or Love, Angeline Mani Crush Fizzies to sooth and soak your hands.

I've used both of these products before and I give them box two thumbs up! Forever Polished mani bombs were recently featured in Nail It! Magazine and I also recently reviewed the Love, Angeline Mani Crush Fizzies on my blog (read that here)! 

*Tip: after soaking your hands use the same water and soak those flip-flop ravaged feet! They will thank you.

I'm so excited to see two of my favorite products in this box for you all to try!

I've been a fan of Love & Lotus since I tried their products (late last year) and this whipped body butter is the best of the best in my book. Not to mention the scent Acai & Mangosteen is my obsession. Once you smell it you will literally want to have everything you use in this scent. Luckily you can get many products from Love and Lotus in this scent so be sure to check out their online store! I highly recommend so many of her products including the whipped sugar scrub, lip scrub, lip balm and you MUST try her facewash. Seriously its amazing! (Read my past Love & Lotus review here)

I recently did a review of my hometown indie Lou it Yourself on my blog (read that here) and I am stoked that you will get to try one of my go-to cuticle balms, No More Uglicles! I literally have about 6 tubes of this amazing stuff (one in my bathroom, on in my purse, the car, in my living room)! I like to use a mix throughout the day of both cuticle balms and oils. This is my favorite balm by far! Try the lime and green tea scent and heat rush (its a dupe of Beyonce's perfume). Lou offers a variety of amazing products, I love her face scrub, foot scrub, bath bombs and more!

Beauty From the Earth (BFTE) is also a Colorado based indie beauty brand. One of the things I was really excited about with this box was that it was diverse in beauty products beyond polish.  As a makeup lover I really wanted to see more indie makeup represented! I found this shadow sample to be well pigmented and high quality. Its a neutral pink with some shimmer so its flattering for all skin tones. I simply dipped a shadow brush in the baggie sample and used to to highlight my brow bone.  I'm off to check out more from BFTE on their website!

How about some nail art now that you have everything you need for healthy, beautiful. hands and some rockin' nail polish? Nail vinyl samples are included from Nails Redesigned, You Polish and waterslide decals from Green Goddess Creations. And last but not least is a men's scent sample from Alter Ego's egoMANia line. 

Well folks, there you have it. What do you think about the first Spread Indie Love Box? For $52.00 that is a LOT of exclusive products! As I mentioned above there are 40 boxes (available worldwide) initially. Once those 40 are sold out, a preorder listing will go active on and stay open until September 7th at 11:59pm. Preorders will not be shipped until around October 1st (to allow for the makers to create more product amidst their normal business and personal commitments). 

And don't worry we are already working with more indie makers for the Fall/Winter Spread Indie Love Box - due out December 1st (with previews in mid November!) What would you like to see in a Fall/Winter box? What do you think about this box? Any of your favorite makers or products featured in the box? Tell me below, I'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to stay up to date with all things indie in our Facebook group and don't forget to follow (and tag!) SpreadIndieLoveBox on Instagram.


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  2. Wow! This box looks absolutely amazing!

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  8. Wow this looks great! Can't wait!

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