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Proper Polish Nail Lacquer - #ProperNeon Collection

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Inspired by the fantastic online world that brings us all together and its fun terminology. Where would we be without the internet? How would we know about what’s hot and what’s not? Michelle, Proper Polish creator, wanted to create a super bright neon crème collection for our neon loving indie fiends. No shimmer, no sparkle, just eye searing bright neons with smooth, opaque finishes that are thin enough to spread for marbling but still be opaque in 2-3 coats. And she nailed it!

This 10 piece polish collection includes 8 cremes and 2 toppers because a girl cannot live with a little sparkle!

OMFG – Holo topper (Spectraflair) can be used with any polish in the collection - or any polish you have! I really thought this was a great holo topper as it added a great holo sparkle without being very "graying" like many holo toppers can be. You want to pick this up!

 LMAO – Glitter topper (holo turquoise hex, holo magenta hex, holo silver hex, assorted white hex, assorted iridescent hex, and neon yellow squares). This is a great glitter topper for any of the polishes in the collection. Below I will show you a few of the polishes with it. Its definitily glitter packed!

STFU is a Neon Magenta (cool toned florescent pink) shown here in two coats plus with LMAO glitter top coat.  This is a favorite of mine from the collection! Its just beautiful but I particularly like it with the holo top coat~!

NSFW is a Neon Pink (warm toned florescent pink). Shown here with 2 coats. This looks very similar to STFU but is a much warmer pink with no purple undertone.

IRL is a Neon Coral Orange (florescent coral with pink and orange undertones). 2 coats shown here. See top of post for photo with holo top coat.

IMHO is a Neon Yellow Orange (florescent orange with yellow undertones). This one has a great color but I  had a little streakyness after 3 coats.

GTFO is a Neon Yellow (true florescent yellow) and is shown here in 3 coats. IMHO I'm not a yellow person. It just doesn't look good on me. But if you like yellow then this is for you! Though I do like it with the holo topcoat.

GTFO with holo top coat
FTW is a Neon Green (true florescent green) and is shown here with 3 coats.

With LMAO glitter topper

GDFR is a Neon Medium Blue (true florescent blue) and is shown here in 2 coats plus with holo top coat. I love blue so naturally I love this color! The holo top coat really pops on this one!

with holo topcoat
DGAF is a Neon Medium Purple (cool toned florescent purple). This is another favorite of mine from the collection. Shown here with 2 coats as well as accented with LMAO.

The crèmes from this collection will be sold individually for $8.00, the toppers $9.00. The 10 piece set together will be $75.00 with only have a limited number of sets available. All Proper Polish is 5 Free

While you are picking out of eye-searing neons be sure to check out the Proper Polish Products!  I've been an avid fan of the Proper Polish Remover for sometime now and was excited to try a few new products including a sugar soap scrub, bath bomb and cuticle oil!
Blueberry Muffin Proper Bath Fizzie
Bath Fizzie 
I received this blueberry muffin bath fizzie in my blogger pack and was very excited to try it out. I love bakery scents! This smelled amazing and was wonderfully fizzie. Hand formed and mixed bath fizzies that are super sparkly and super moisturizing. Proper fizzies are unique in their scents, shapes, and of course, the amount of sparkle in there (all contain cosmetic grade glitters).

Current stock of bombs is sold out, but did include Birthday Cake, Pear Lavender, Spring Bouquet, and Chocolate and Pumpkin Donuts. Every season Proper Polish will bring you new scents.
The summer scents are as follows:
  • Muffin Fizzies and Donut Fizzies – Sold individually for $5.00 each. Filled with avocado, almond, and grape seed oils, they will leave your skin extra soft and super sparkly with all those glitters in there!
  •  Blueberry Muffin – sweet smelling blueberry combines with the buttery, rich scent of muffins in this super sparkly bomb.
  •  Key Lime Pie Muffin – tart limes and sweet coconuts combine deliciously with the “graham cracker” crust on these yummy bombs.
  •  White Chocolate Raspberry Donut – creamy white chocolate and sweet raspberries make this donut a sweet treat you will wanna eat (but don’t LOL) topped with a vegan soap base “frosting” and real sprinkles too!
Smaller Bombs – Sold as a set of 2 pieces for $4.00, individually for $2.50 each. These are like bath bomb power shots. Though small, they pack a serious punch of moisture and sparkle. Filled with avocado, almond, and grape seed oils, it will leave your skin extra soft and super sparkly with all those glitters in there! (not recommend for use as mani bombs because of all the glitter. They really need a bath tub to spread out in for optimal results).
  •     Primadonna Roses – shea and honey scented with Egyptian jasmine and rose oil
  •     Sparkly Hippy Rounds – patchouli and rose wood scented with a hint of fresh bamboo

Whipped Sugar Scrubs
Hand blended creamy soap base whipped up with coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil and avocado oil with organic turbinado and coconut sugars that will gently exfoliate your skin and moisturize it as well!

Excellent for dry skin, the sugars gently scrub away the dead skin and the oils moisturize for super soft skin that is deliciously flagranced with the juicy scents of summers. Every season Proper Polih will bring 3 new scents and the old ones will retire. The new scents for summer (which I got to try) are:
  • Lemon-Limeade – a super tart and deliciously fresh blend of lemon, lime, and verbena makes this a combination perfect for summer.
  • Guava Punch – a sweet blend of guava, mango, and figs combines for a fruity delight that will satisfy your summer fruit cravings.
  • Tropical Cocktails – float away to the tropics with this blend of succulent island fruit nectars for the perfect treat on a summer day. 
My two favorites were Guava Punch and Tropical Cocktails. My mom even loved the Guava scent so much that I may have had to let her have it :) Unscented and colorless also available. Safe for use all over the body (not on face). Ideal for in the shower, use 1-2 tbsp of the scrub and massage over body. Gently rub in to skin to break down sugars and release oils. Rinse clean.  These are available in mini 2 oz jars for $4 and full size 4 oz jars for $6.50.

Proper Polish Remover and Cuticle Oil
As I mentioned above I adore the Proper Polish remover! This remover is Acetone based but super gentle, filled with a combination of special proper oils make this a must have for all polish addicts! It cuts through polish and glitter polish but leaves your nails and skin moisturized. Available in mini 2 oz size for $3.00 and full size 8 oz for $7.00. Scents available include:
  • Cucumber Mint – refreshing blend of cucumbers, fresh mint, and just a hint of honey will make you think you’re in a spa!
  • Tropical Smoothie – pineapples, mangos, guava and creamy vanilla combine for the perfect summer scent that will make you crave an icey treat! (this is my personal favorite!)
  • Sweet Brown Sugar – a rich delicious combination of brown sugar, buttery chestnuts and sweet almonds will make you wanna eat your fingers when you’re done removing your polish!
Unscented and colorless also available.

Cuticle and Nail Oil
A proper blend of 10 essential oils that will moisturize your skin, soften your cuticles, and promote healthy and strong nail growth! Available in a mini 4 ml roll on for $5.00 and full size 15 ml bottle for $12.00. Scents available include:
  • Cotton Candy – just like the classic carnival treat, so sweet it’ll give you a tooth ache ;)
  • Hibiscus Flower – delicate and floral, a perfect clean scent
  • Fruit Salad – a combination of pinapples, mangos and figs blend for a delicious fruity scent
  •  Sex on the Beach – fruity, floral, seductive, this scent is ideal for summer! This will be a LIMITED TIME scent only. It will be discontinued by 9/30. *new scent releasing 7/25*   Unscented also available.
I got the LE Sex on the Beach scent (pictured above) and OH MYLANTA does it smell amazing. I will definitely be picking up more of this! I love a roll-on cuticle oil for on the go.  If you follow my blog you know that a mix of both cuticle balms and oils is how I keep my cuticles healthy.

PHEW! There you have it, an amazing summer offering from Proper Polish Nail Lacquer. Stay tuned to my Instagram as I attempt to actually watermarble this week with the collection! Tell me what you think about the collection! Are you into neons? Which Proper Products do you want to try the most? Tell me below, I'd love to hear from you!

This collection launches Saturday July 25th at 9:00am (Mountain time)/11:00am (Eastern) on Proper Polish's website. Don't forget to LIKE Proper Polish Nail Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with new products and promotions!

*Products and Polish provided for my swatching and review. All opinions are honest and my own, because lying makes you ugly and gives you wrinkles.


  1. I haven't heard of this brand, but everything looks great! I'm always on the hunt for intensely moisturizing bath bombs!

  2. Never heard of this brand before, but oh my those neons are amazing x

  3. The Guava Punch scrub sounds so perfect for me! I'll definitely have to make a note to pick it up!

  4. My first time hearing of this brand and everything looks amazing

  5. My first time hearing of this brand and everything looks amazing

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  7. This is definitely the summer of the neons! It sounds like a really full nail care line, too.

  8. I bet that blueberry muffin bath fizzie is amazing!! Going on my list!

  9. The names of these polishes are SO cute. She hit it out of the park!

  10. I love brands that offer nail, and body care items. I'll certainly check them out, I'm a sucker for bath and body products.


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