Monday, July 27, 2015

LYZ Cosmetics - Beautometry

*Press Sample*

When I made an epic order from Beautometry a few weeks ago Therese asked me if I had ever tried any LYZ Cosmetics polishes from Singapore. Seeing as I hadn't she told me to choose four colors to experiment with and review. Looking at the options on Beautometry I tried to choose a variety of finishes and including glitter, thermal and even scented! LYZ Cosmetics products are designed and made in Singapore, free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (the “big 3”) and are never tested on animals. Lets jump right into my swatches and thoughts!

Ballad (Lyrical Collection)
Ballad derived from the medieval French chanson balladée which meant "dancing songs". This Royal Flash Shady Pink is showered with blue iridescent microflakies and a light seasoning of luminous rainbow shimmer. Drizzled with high quality organic Japanese juniper berry essential oil, this finger-licking polish is quickly becoming a staple to-go color with its woody, sweet, fresh and crisp aroma.

I can't say that I smelled much of the scent with this polish but I was truely mesmerize by the blue microflakies. Two coats and the formula was great to work with sort of a jelly/crelly base and so pretty!

Lucky Lucky Lily (Melbourne Cup Carnival 2014 Collection)
Lucky Lucky Lily is a pink thermal polish with scattered tiny holo glitters by LYZ Cosmetics. It turns hot pink in its cool state, and light pink in its warm state.

I am new to thermals, I only have had about a half dozen or so but this one has quickly become a favorite of mine. Its almost a one coat wonder (shown here in two coats), the formula and color change is beautiful. It was also really long wearing! 


I Heirby Win The Race (Melbourne Cup Carnival 2014 Collection)
I Heirby Win the Race is an ultra intensive glitter bomb polish by LYZ Cosmetics. Best to wear it under the sun to see its maximum glittery and holographic potential effect.

Holy Glitterbomb Batman! This polish is a full coverage glitter with purple, pink, blue, black and white micro glitters. The formula was really easy to work with and was not super thick and not gloopy at all for the amount of glitter in the polish. I used 3 thin coats for total coverage.  

Mind Your Minters (Royal Tea Room Scented Collection 2015)
Leave your manicure to dry for a good one minute and enjoy smelling the leafy mint scent that is lightly flavored with sparkly wine-toned glitters. Mind Your Minters because this shade is here to stay, in your helmer. 

Aside from how pretty this polish is the first thing that really struck me was its minty smell. Yes it smells good and fresh! I was really taken back by it at first. I used 3 thin coats here to get the glitter payoff that I wanted but you could just do 2. I recommend letting this polish sit upside down for 15 minutes before using and then giving a good shake to make sure the glitter comes to the top. 

Overall I'm really impressed by all the LYZ polishes that I received from Beautometry and definitely want to try more! At $10.95 each they are all really well priced for an international indie brand. You can find a great selection of LYZ Cosmetic polishes as well as other polishes and stamping plates from all over the world on Beautometry's website. So go check them out! Beautometry is always adding amazing stock to their website so be sure to LIKE their Facebook page and keep up with them on Instagram.

Tell me what you think! Have you tried LYZ polishes? What do you think of the colors I chose? Have a favorite? Tell me below, I'd love to hear from you!

*These polishes were provided for my honest review. All options are truthful and are my own., because lying makes you ugly.


  1. These are beautiful! I especially love Min Your Minters!

  2. Beautiful swatches, but scented ones make me feel sick

  3. Beautiful shades! That thermal!

  4. Mind your Minters is beautiful and unique

  5. I've never heard of this brand. I really like all of them!

  6. I love these swatches! I bought a Lyz collection last Halloween as I absolutely *had* to have them; one of these days I may try them!

  7. Lucky Lucky Lily is so pretty! I love the color change in that one.

  8. Lucky Lucky Lily is my favorite, just gorgeous!!!

  9. I love that Thermal! So pretty!

  10. I didn't realize this was a Singapore brand! Ballad is stunning and I Heirby Win the Race is a fun microglitter

  11. I love Mind Your Minters! The glitter colors go so well with it!

  12. I've never seen this brand! The thermal and the crelly are stand outs to me. Stunning!

  13. Mind Your Minters is my favorite!


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