Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Get to Know Love, Angeline

Hopefully you've seen some of my recent postings about a hometown indie brand here in Colorado called Love, Angeline. If you missed my interview with the brand's creator Natosha over on The Little Beauty Guide be sure to hop over there (you can find the article here) to learn more about the brand, its meaning and a wonderful initiative called Spread Indie Love Not Hate.

I recently reviewed Love, Angeline's new Mani Crush Fizzies and cuticle oils that come in a range of wonderful and coordinated scents (read my review here). I really believe that anyone can have beautiful, healthy nails if you use the right products.  Healthy hands and nails are really about nourishing them and with scents like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blood Orange & Peppermint, Pear Champagne & Mint, Coconut Lime & Mint, and Watermelon you will enjoy doing just that!

Now onto the polishes!  I chose just a few of the many amazing polishes offered by Love, Angeline to show you here today. There really is a great variety of colors and finishes including creally, mattes and lots of glitters. Love, Angeline also has amazing holos and mystery holos!

LET'S EAT CAKE! is a light icy blue scattered holo with flakies. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat. The formula on this polish is perfection. I am in love with the color and the holo & flakies add such depth and dimension to this stunning shade.

DAZZLING DIAMONDS is a straight scattered & linear holo mix with gold, blue, and pink shimmers. There is no colored base to this, it is purely specktraflair and an alternative scattered mixed together. It seriously sparkles! Shown in two coats. If diamonds are a girls best friend then this is your BFF. Simply stunning and the formula is flawless.

MARINE LIFE is a micro glitter with super super fine jeweltone glitters – opaque in 2 generous coats. This polish is seriously chalk full of glitters. Mine was a little on the thick side but not unmanageable. If your a purple glitter fan this polish is for you!

NO DOT ABOUT IT is a white crelly filled with neon glitters of various sizes. I used three coats for these photos. Love, Angeline has phenomenal crelly polishes and while this one is no longer available I know you would enjoy any of the other versions she offers. The formula was very easy to work with and I didn't have any trouble getting good glitter coverage.

Last but not least is a personal favorite of mine. This polish was made specially for our Colorado Lacquer Lover meetup. Its a stunning navy blue, glitter holo. It even stamps.  This is love.

The new Harmonious Gemstones Collection is coming! 

These beauties release on Friday July 10th at 9am MST! I will have swatches and a review for you sometime next week so stay tuned!

Brush Macros courtesy of @mgshel on Instagram
Tanzanite Staccato (blurple), Kyanite Overture (aqua/blue), Aventurine Largo (green), Morganite Chorale (pink), and Agate Tremolo (a dark plummy, reddish). These are a tiny bit different than Love, Angeline's regular gemstones as they have bigger silver holo glitters mixed in (just a tad bigger).

The polishes featured here, cuticle oils, mani crush fizzies, nail vinyls and SO MUCH MORE are available on the Love, Angeline's website.  Follow Love, Angeline on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and join the fan group for more Love.  If you aren't already familiar with this brand I hope you will check it out. Be sure to read my interview with Natosha, the brand's creator, in The Little Beauty Guide.

Have you tried any polishes or products from Love, Angeline? What do you think of the beautiful macros of the harmonious gemstones collection? Tell me below! 

*Three of these polishes were provided for my honest review. No Dot About It was a gift and I personally purchased the navy LE holo.


  1. Lets eat cake is so pretty! I wannnnt!

  2. The navy holo is a stunner x

  3. No Dot About It is stunning!!!! I need to get my hands on some of these.

  4. I want to try the coconut lime mint mani fizzies! I bet it smells amazing!

  5. Let's Eat Cake has an neat effect - I like when dark flakes can look a bit like glitter without the bumpiness.

  6. Marine life & let's eat cake are my faves!

  7. Pretty balance of color and glitter on these. :)


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