Monday, June 29, 2015

Pahlish - July 'Mirror Images' Duo

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If you are a polish addict like myself then I can only assume that you look forward to the monthly duos, collections and bespoke releases from Pahlish. A few weeks ago I added quite a few Pahlish beauties to my collection while shopping at Llarowe and then got an amazing surprise when I received 'Star Upon your Shoulder' as my mystery bespoke. I happened to gather some courage and reach out to Shannon the creator of Pahlish to see if she would have any interest in working together. Trust me I really didn't expect her to even respond, let alone say yes.

Today I have the upcoming July duo for your viewing pleasure! Be sure to also check back later this week for a look at two new trios also coming this Sunday! 


Such Great Heights is a bright periwinkle blue cream with a dash of holo.

I adore periwinkle.  So much so that my bridesmaids wore the shade in my wedding. I have found it very hard to find a true periwinkle as many lean either too blue or too purple. But this, oh this is spot on. The formula is exactly what you would expect from Pahlish, flawless in two coats.

Freckles in our Eyes is a linear holographic topper with a mix of gold, purple, and violet flakes. This is the 'yin' to Such Great Heights 'yang'. This would look so great over a number of polishes but these two polishes are like peanut butter and jelly, they just belong together. Each is beautiful on its own but together my mind is blown.

These will be launching on Sunday July 5th at 7:00 pm (central time) on Pahlish's website. So set your reminders now! Also launching that night will be two sets of trio's that I will have for you later this week. Plus the 'beat on the street' has it that there will also be a restock of 'The Light Brigade' and 'Somewhere in Laredo' which both sold out super quick this past Sunday!

Tell me what you think of the July Pahlish duo! And which Pahlish lovelies are your favorite or are on your wish list! 

*These polishes were provided for my honest review. Because lying makes you ugly*


  1. Looks good on you! Can't wait to put these on. I totally forgot about the bespokes yesterday and missed out, so those are definitely on my list for next week!

  2. Beautiful swatches!! I rarely pass up a Pahlish monthly duo, they are just always so fabulous!

  3. Theyre both lovely, i need some pahlish in my life.

  4. Beautiful swatches! I love both these polishes and how they go together so well!

  5. Blue is my favourite colour, and this is stunning ♡

  6. Both look so great on you! I recently made my first Pahlish purchase and cannot wait get them in the mail.

  7. Very pretty, I love the Freckles polish.

  8. Oh I'll definitely be getting this duo!!

  9. Gorgeous swatches!! Pahlish is up there as one of my favorite brands!!

  10. Ooh this duo is gorgeous! I need to get it!

  11. Lovely! That periwinkle is really pretty.
    xoxo, Nyx


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