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Love, Angeline - Cuticle Oil PreOrder & Mani Crush Fizzie Review

Photo Courtesy Love, Angeline
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You may already know Love, Angeline and her variety of exceptional polishes and her 'Stuck on Love Nail Shields'. But did you know that Natosha, the founder/creator, has recently expanded into bath/body products releasing Love Notes - Mani Crush Fizzies and and now Cuticle Oil! 

Whats a Mani Crush Fizzie you ask?! I’m sure you’ve heard of mani bombs (or bath bombs) by now. Well, this is her take on them! These are like mani bombs, except these are crushed up! They fizz, they bubble, and they smell deeeeeelicious! Oh, and the best part? They leave your hands and cuticles moisturized and soft, too!

These fabulous fizzes come in 5 scents including Blood Orange & Peppermint (my personal favorite), Champagne Pear & Mint, Watermelon, Coconut Lime & Mint and Black Raspberry & Vanilla.

Photo Courtesy Love, Angeline
How to use:
– get a bowl of warm water and start with a spoonful or two of the fizzies
– add fizzies to water
– soak your fingers in the solution for 3-5 minutes.
– when you remove your fingers, rub your hands together until water dries and you’re left with moisturized hands
– be sure to also run the oils on your skin into your nail beds to provide as much moisture to them as possible
– immediately use a cuticle oil (coordinating oils coming soon!) on your nails as well as a hand cream if desired to lock in the humectants (moisture retaining ingredients) and oils from the soak.
– seal your fizzies and store for the next use
– can also be used in a bath
Currently these are packaged in self sealed plastic bags with roughly 1.3-1.5oz of fizzies for $2.50 (see above) which is a great value since you get multiple applications from one packet. Nourishing ingredients include avocado oil, jojoba oil, sea butter, bentonite clay powder and dead sea clay powder. Order your mani fizzies here.

The great thing about these Mani Crush Fizzie is you can control how much or little you want to use. For example I use a 14 cup plastic container to soak my hands so I like a little more fizzies in my soak. And don't waste the goodness, re-purpose that water for your feet! And while your tootsies are soaking why not give your nails some extra LOVE.....

Introducing Love Notes Cuticle Oil! Love, Angeline will be offering this nourishing cuticle oil in scents that match the Mani Crush Fizzies - Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blood Orange & Peppermint, Pear Champagne & Mint, Coconut Lime & Mint, and Watermelon.

Choose from a dual doe foot applicator (1.5 ml each side) for more scent options or an easy click-up pen with a brush applicator (2.8ml)! (see lead photo for applicators) Because the new applicators had not come in yet Natosha gave me her mini bottles filled with the oils to test for you! (PS how awesome are her mini's!)

This nourishing cuticle oil has loads of key ingredients to support nail and cuticle health including jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, avocado oil and chia seed oil. The oil is on the thicker side, which is great, as it prevents it from dripping/running all over the place and it soaks in nicely. For an oil I didn't find it to be ultra greasy either - just smell-good, moisturizing perfection.

Chia seed oil makes this extra special. Known for its high omega-3 fatty acids content this oil has become popular in the cosmetic industry for those looking to soothe dry, itchy, or inflamed skin. Chia oil is known for its antioxidant benefits and skin protecting properties, a high content of protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, niacin, iron, and zinc make chia oil great for applications meant to replenish hair, skin, and nails.  I like to rub the coordinating scented oil on my nails and cuticles while my tootsies soak in my left over mani fizzie.

Did you know the cuticle is responsible for maintaining moisture within the nail and keeping it healthy? Dry cuticles will stick to your nail bed which leads to small cracks in the surrounding skin. This leads to common ailments like hangnails which in turn can lead to infections. For healthy nails hydration is the key and it’s important to apply a heavy emollient (like this cuticle oil) and rub it into the nail bed, cuticle and surrounding skin often (minimum 2x per day).

The cuticle oils will launch for preorder TOMORROW, Thursday 6/18 at 9AM (MST) on the Love, Angeline website. Don't be late as sample of coordinating fizzies for one scent of oil that you order will be included while supplies last! During preorder (which ends Monday 6/22 at midnight) both applicator choices will be $5.00 and $5.50 thereafter. Follow Love, Angeline on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and join the fan group for more Love.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the mani fizzies yet? Which scents sound best to you? Which cuticle oil applicator are you interested in trying? I'd love to hear from you - leave me your thoughts below!

*These items were provided for my review and honest feedback. All opinions are my own, because lying makes you ugly*


  1. I like that they come in so many fun colors! I haven't tried any fizzles at all but I would like too.

  2. I really like the packaging for both of these products, very user friendly! I'm looking forward to trying these once I work my way through my nail care stockpile :)

  3. I love the idea of the mani crush fizzies! I hate when I order a mani bomb and its broken. This way, no disappointment.

  4. The scent combinations sound heavenly! I will have to try them ALL lol. I am a cuticle care and nail care junkie! Great review!!!

  5. Excellent, thorough review! I am definitely going to have to try the watermelon scent!

  6. Coconut Lime & Mint -yes please!

  7. Love the fizzes! They are fantastic! Can't believe that it took me so long to use it! My hands never felt so good.


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