Thursday, June 4, 2015

Introducing Joy Lacquer - Summer in Seattle Collection

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Have you ever been to Seattle? I have and its a very cool city. It has a great restaurant/foodie scene, great music, awesome shopping and dining at Pike Place Market and cool stuff like the Space Needle to visit. Now you can add an awesome indie polish brand to that list - introducing Joy Lacquer!

Joy Lacquer is cruelty free, 5 free polish and the creation of a totally cool stay at home mom named Joy Lacher (hello! With that last name she was meant to make polish!). The collection has 9 polishes and is quite diverse including pearl finish, thermal, UV reactive, shimmers and even a holo topper.

94 Grunge No More is a nod to the Seattle music scene and the loss of its icon Kurt Cobain in 1994. This perfect summery peach shimmer and the city of Seattle beckon you to "Come As You Are".

My first thought was "this polish is SO easy to work with!" It has a great consistency, levels easily and dried fairly quick. I also loved the brush! The shade is shimmery and perfect for summer. Opaque in two coats with very minor visible brush strokes.

More than a Barista was inspired by Seattle's world famous coffee giant Starbucks and the green apron wearing goddesses that keep us going on polish making days! Chances are, when your favorite Barista isn't steaming milk or brewing a double shot, she's a student, musician, or burlesque dancer. Our tribute to the ladies and gentleman behind the counter!

The formula on this was just like '94 Grunge No More. Perfect in every way! I personally need coffee to make it through my daily life so this has a special place in my heart!

I went to Starbucks HQ in Seattle last year and got a tour from start to finish on how they grow and cultivate the coffee in your cup. Such a cool experience!

Remember your first serious Summer crush? We do! In honor of his dreamy eyes and those nights over looking the city lights Joy Lacquer brings you Sparks at the Space Needle. This holographic topper has the perfect amount of glimmer and twinkle for those hot summer nights and long summer days spent daydreaming by the pool.

I chose to use Sparks at the Space Needle on a few of the polishes from the collection though it would look great over just about any polish in your collection. Its more of a scattered holo finish vs. being linear. I personally prefer scattered holos :)

Sparks at the Space Needle over More then a Barista

Over #SoDoMojo (direct sunnlight)
Despite what people think, Seattle is not America's rainiest city; and when it does rain, you won't see any self respecting Seattleite cowering under an umbrella....they prefer to run for it!

No Umbrella Zone is a UV reactive polish that goes from Sunny Skies Blue inside to Storms Coming Blue outside. The gorgeous blue holographic glitter gives this polish an added dimension of WOW!

Indoors - Filtered light
 I used about 4 thin coats to achieve opaqueness. This sounds like a lot but the base is not thick and it dries really quickly. The indoor shade is on the periwinkle side.  It really comes alive in the sunlight! I was like "holy crap on a cracker!" When I stepped outside in the sunlight for the first time. I've never had a UV polish before and needless to say - I'm so impressed!

Direct Sunlight

Hikers or Heels? This gorgeous thermal goes from royal purple to fuchsia with a blue microglitter flash. Inspired by the women of Seattle who know that having a great pair of hikers is as essential as a great pair of heels!

The formula on this was thinner than the pearly (Grunge and Barista) but not unmanageable. The sun happened to be shining in on my desk while I was swatching and the thermal is so good that it started changing from purple to fuchia right then! I've has some thermals that you really had to expose to extremes to get them to change, not this one - it went willingly! Such a cool polish - my toddler thought it was magic!

Seattle is home to the South Lake Union Trolley or the S.L.U.T.. In honor of Seattle's cheeky name for mass transit in the downtown area Joy Lacquer bring you a shimmering, sexy red appropriately named Ride the Slut. 

This polish sure is a saucy red and I love the shimmer in it! Its consistency is the same as Hikers or Heels and was easily opaque in 2 coats though I used 3.  Leveled nice and a good dry time. What more can you ask for?

#‎SoDoMojo‬ is a tribute to South Downtown Seattle. Home of the Mariners, Seahawks and the Sounders...and some serious Mojo!

Oh how I love a good blue polish! And this one is a shimmery perfection. I'm not sure how to describe the color. Sort of a grey-blue with an undertone of periwinkle would be my best guess. Regardless, its lovely. Great formula, two coats is all you need.

direct artificial light
 Seattleites love their Birkenstocks! As soon as the weather starts to warm, these sandals are everywhere! We all know nothing feels better on your toes after a long winter than sunshine (and cute polish!). Birkenstocks, No Socks! is our tribute to sunshine on your piggies and a reminder to wear your Birkens right.....No socks in sight!

Now I am going to say it I HATE Birkenstocks and please don't wear them with socks for heavens sake!  Ok now that I got that out I am going to say that I love love love this polish. Its a gorgeous, perfect creamy teal with a light shimmer. Great formula (note the first coat will be streaky), leveling, good dry time and opaque in two-three coats. This one is already on my toes! LOVE! I felt like doing a little stamping on it and used my UberChic Beauty plates and some creme MdU stamping polish just to top it off.

Mimosas on Alki Beach! Inspired by Sunday morning mimosas on Alki Beach and the early morning sunlight sparkling off the waves, Joy Lacquer brings you this clear base glitter topper with pink and blue glitter. Full of sparkle and fun!

This glittery polish is stunning! Its colors are a great compliment to really almost the entire collection. The base is thin which makes layering easier. If you do want to wear it alone it does take some fancy footwork. I suggest a few layers and then a "dabbing" technique to fill in any areas that need it. I decided to pair  it with '94 Grunge No More and thought it was a killer combo. I love a good glitter gradient!

So there you have it. Quite an impressive first collection from Joy Lacquer! I really love every polish in the collection and am excited to see what she comes up with next! The collection is selling out fast so be sure to hop over to the website - - and pick yours up today! Polishes are $9.00 and $10.00 with 4 minis for $12.00.

Don't forget to like Joy Lacquer on Facebook and follow them on Instagram so you can enjoy more fabulous photos and swatches!

What are your favorites from the collection? Have you picked any of these up yet? Tell me below! I'd love to hear from you! 

*These polishes were provided for my review and honest opinion. All opinions are my own, because lying makes you ugly.*


  1. I am in LOVE with Joy Lacquer! I have tried several different indie brands and this is by far my favorite! I currently have Hikers or Heels? on my fingers with Mimosas on Alki Beach as an accent nail on my ring finger and I cannot stop staring at them! Also have Ride the SLUT on my toes with No Umbrella Zone as accent nails. LOVE Joy Lacquer!

  2. These are gorg! I love all the inspiration behind them.

  3. The Kurt one!! I need that one simply because of the subject matter

  4. Never heard of this polish but they all look super pretty x

  5. Very pretty! I like #SoDoMojo the best, I think.

  6. very nice! love seeing new brands

  7. Wow, this looks like a really strong first collection! The polishes are beautiful and I love the theme!!!

  8. I really like a number of these, but Birkenstocks, No Socks and More than a Barista are my favorites. Great swatches!

  9. Neat theme! And I admit I've worn Birkenstocks with socks more than a few days *runs and hides*

  10. Such a pretty first collection! More than a Barista is my favorite of the bunch!

  11. The green is terrific ! awesome review

  12. So many pretty colors, looks like a great collection.

  13. These are so pretty, and I love her logo!! I love it when new indies start out really strong.

  14. Beautiful swatches! I like the concept of this collection and Ride the Slut is my favorite...for several reasons!

  15. I haven't tried the brand but I like the bottle and the colors looks nice!

  16. Ohhhh! This is a really pretty collection. Loving Ride the SLUT.

  17. These are all so pretty! Hikers or Heels is easily my favorite!

  18. #SoDoMojo is my kind of color! Great swatches!

  19. Such a great debut! There are a few that I have my eye on!

  20. No Umbrella Zone is my absolute favorite, it's so gorgeous!

  21. Love the colors in this collection! That UV polish though is fantastic! :-)

  22. I love No Umbrella Zone, gorgeous shade!

  23. These are great! Love Birkenstocks, No Socks!

  24. Lovely! And you nails are so perfectly shaped!

  25. Love your swatches! Hikers or Heels? is definitely my favorite, I live for those thermal polishes.

  26. Gorgeous swatches!! I've always wanted to visit Seattle and envy that you got a chance to visit Starbuck's headquarters!!! I'm in love with that UV polish!! There needs to be more of those around, I love them!!


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