Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ever After Polish - I've Got the Magic in Me Collection

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Today I've got the latest collection from Ever After Polish for your viewing enjoyment. This seven piece collection is based on the movie Magic Mike and is a homage to all the hunky men who make the ladies go crazy!

The names for the polishes in this collection are so cheeky, I found myself laughing (or blushing) at many of them. These are my first Ever After polishes and I was really excited to get them to try out. I was really impressed by the formula on all of these. No polish required more then two coats and they were all easy to work with, even the polishes with glitter and flakies. I was so impressed in fact that the moment I saw a group custom on the Ever After Facebook fan page that I messaged them to buy it.

Without further ado, next up on the main stage we have Ever After's I've Got the Magic in Me Collection. So get your dollar bills out ladies, cause its time to make it rain!

Policeman's Helmet is a blue jelly with silver flakes and scattered holo shimmer. The silver flakies look more iridescent then silver to me and give this blue polish a ton of depth. I love blue polish and this is just outstanding. If you are a blue fan like me this should be at the top of your list! 2 coats + top coat.

Firefighter's Hose is a red jelly with silver and gold flakes/flecks with a tiny bit of scattered holo shimmer. The gold flakes in this polish are really prevelant and add a great touch to this polish. Its a hottie for sure! 2 coats + topcoat

direct light
Banana Hammock is a glittery gold holo with glitter and micro flakies.  Hot tip - don't Google the term "banana hammock" and then look at the images looking for nail art inspiration (unless you want a good laugh!)

This polish made me think of spring break in college and some European men on the beach in Jamaica that were wearing some teeny tiny bottoms. What goes better with that mental picture then a zebra print banana hammock mani?

Pole Dancing is a gray blue holo with strong teal shimmer. This polish makes me think of the look of a stripper pole when its hit by the stage lights. I swear I have no stripper background! Two coats is all you need for this stunner!

Flesh Popsicle is a nude holo with bronze flecks. This is a really beautiful nude polish although the name makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. The bronze flecks and holo make this dainty polish something special.

Direct Light
Direct Light

I wanted to do something with this polish in addition to its swatch. The nude color made me think of skin and fishnet stockings - the ones with the little bows at the top.

Rhinestone Cowboy is a fuchia leaning pink and purple liner holo with flecks of blue shimmer. I love the blue sparkles in conjunction with the linear holo in this polish. That is what makes it really stand out from other holos. So saddle up!

Direct light

(L) indirect vs (R) direct light

Tarzan's Vine is a grass green liner holo packed to the brim with bright green and gold flecks. The gold flecks give this polish a fantastic gold shimmer.

(L) indirect vs (R) direct light
Ever After Polishes are all 5-free and hand made. Polishes in the collection range from $10.00 to $11.00 and this collection launches on June 12th.

Did you know Ever After also does body products too!? If you read my blog on a semi frequent basis you know I love bath and body products. Along with the collection Ever After sent me their Hand & Body Salt Scrub in 'Make it Rain' and a mani fizzie in 'Rub Down, Birds of Paradise'. Again, those names made me giggle to myself.

First the salt scrub! I love using scrubs on my hands to exfoliate dead skin and this one has a really great dose of oils and butters to replace that moisture lost to swatching. Ever After offers this scrub in a sugar version as well.  I'd say its medium on the exfoliating scale (thats a real thing to me), at least the salt version is. Make it Rain is a clean, crisp sweet floral scent blend of peonies, fresh greens, Tulips, Hydrangea and Cyclomen highlighted by fresh ozonic spring air. Also great used in the shower, use after soaping up for soft skin.

Ever After Salt Scrub
Just a note of caution, if you have any minor cuts (like say a fray cuticle) be careful using salt scrubs as it can sting!

The mani fizzie was a generous size and very sparkly, The scent was awesome - jasmine, musk combined with strawberry, pomegranate and vanilla. At $1.25 each its a great value. Just pop it in some really warm water and it creates a luscious, creamy soak for your hands. When your done soaking your hands just use the leftovers and soak your feet too! It is flip flop season after all!

Ever After will also be releasing a bubble bath but due to some supplier issues the launch for this awesome product has been put on hold. The rest of the collection launches on June 12th on Ever After Polish's website. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and join the fan group for a look at the amazing custom polish they have put together.

What do you think of the collection? Which color is your favorite? Have an idea for a naughty themed mani? Tell me below! I'd love to hear from you!

*These polishes were provided for my honest review. All opinions are mine. Because lying makes you ugly.*


  1. They're all gorgeous! I really like tarzans vine.

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  3. I really like Tarzan's Vine. This is a super pretty collection!

  4. Gorgeous swatches! Rhinestone Cowboy is my fav

  5. They are gorgeous, especially Pole Dancing and Tarzan's Vine, they have a lovely shine!

  6. Beautiful swatches; I really like Tarzans Vine and Banana Hammock. Your post had me giggling too! :)

  7. Such an awesome collection - Great swatches!

  8. Tarzans Vine is definitely my favorite! Beautiful collection!

  9. I adore this collection! I think it is their best yet.

  10. I need Tarzan's Vine and Flesh Popsicle!!

  11. So pretty! I love your bottle shots.

  12. Beautiful swatches and beautiful collection!

  13. ROFL at the banana hammock mani!!! Gorgeous swatches. :)

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