Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lollipop Posse Lacquer

Introducing Lollipop Posse Lacquer!

Hi everyone! Its good to finally be back! I've been MIA the last few weeks as my family was moving across the country and settling into our new home. Well the boxes and polishes are unpacked and today I have something special for you, a new indie to love!

Lollipop Posse Lacquer is the nail polish love-child of Karen, a special education teacher/mama/wife/polishaholic who has been on the indie scene since the early days of Lynnderella blog sales. She's been playing around with mixing her own polish for quite a while now, but finally got serious launching her own line when she decided to make a special graduation present for one of her students.

The Dancing Girl Collection is an 8 piece group of neon and intensely pigmented shimmers, holos, and crellies, each inspired by singer, songwriter Tori Amos.
Today I have two crellies from the collection to share with you! 

Shock Me Sane ($9.50)
"Even the rain is sharp like today / As you shock me sane" - Tori Amos, "Cruel"

Shock Me Sane is a fluorescent, magenta crelly with a mixture of blue and aqua flecks, and a fine dusting of micro holo shimmer. She is bright, fun and completely lovely! 

Don't Say Morning's Come ($9.50)
"Don't say morning's come / Don't say it's up to me / If I could take 25 minutes / Out of the record books" - Tori Amos, "Sugar"

Don't Say Morning's Come is a vibrant, almost neon sky blue with pink shimmer and pinpricks of micro-fine holo light shining through. This polish has a fine pink shimmer that I just can't get enough of!

Lets talk presentation. First and foremost for a brand new line I thought the bottles and labels were very well done and showcased the polish well. The brushes were a tad on the wide side but since I have a wide nail bed it worked great for me.

Both polishes applied like a jelly and dried to a more crelly finish.  I did notice that I needed a good 3 coats to be sure that the waterline in my nails wasn't visible but the color does build nicely.  Be sure to let the coats dry before top coating to prevent any dents in your mani. I tested these with a few various base and top coats and found that they really had great staying power. It was quite a few days before either of these polishes chipped and that was only after I had put my hands through serious stress with packing for our move.

Lollipop Posse Lacquers are handmade, 5-Free, cruelty free and vegan-friendly. The shop will open on Saturday, May 23rd, at noon EST at  Though you can already pick up the first limited edition polish, She's a Beauty Queen now!

I'm really impressed by what I'm seeing with the initial roll out of this brand and many of these polishes are officially on my wishlist. Be sure to keep up with Lollipop Posse Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram so you can see more amazing blogger pictures and reviews! While your at it hop over to Cosmetic Sanctuary's review of the entire collection for more sneak peeks!  

*Provided as a press sample for my review and honest opinion* 


  1. Oooooo these two are beautiful!! I've got 3 others on my blog today. Great minds think alike! haha

  2. Such a great first release! Can't wait to try these

  3. Great swatches! I actually like a wider brush for some reason.

  4. Great swatches! I actually like a wider brush for some reason.

  5. Fantastic review!! I love She's a Beauty Queen!! I can't wait to get more Lollipop Posse polishes!

  6. really pretty shades! i love she's a beauty queen too

  7. Don't Say Morning's Come is right up my allley! Gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous swatches, and I love her bottles!

  9. I've been really impressed with what I have seen so far from this brand!

  10. I like the bottles a lot and She's a Beauty Queen looks gorgeous!

  11. Those are some bright polishes. They look great on you.

  12. These look so great, I have been hearing a lot of great things about this indie.

  13. The blue is so nice ! Great swatches

  14. I've been seeing this brand around the blogosphere lately. Definitely pretty colors. They all look good on you!

  15. Great swatches!! I'm loving everything I've been seeing from this brand!!!


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