Sunday, April 5, 2015

Poppy Collection - Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer

To celebrate spring Mystic Muse took a different spin, shying away from the sea of pastels filling the market and did what they do best - something new and gorgeous! Introducing the Poppy Collection!  This limited edition collection includes 4 polishes and 3 stunning glitter toppers. Lets jump right in!

I <3 POPPIES: A scarlet-red, pearlescent Lacquer that is semi sheer. Although this is listed as semi sheer two coats totally did the trick for opacity. And while it photographs more red the pearlescent quality of the polish leans more of a rich pink. I am in LOVE with I <3 Poppies!

BLUE SKIES AND POPPY FIELDS: A beautiful glitter top coat that is packed with all tyes and sizes of glitter, in beautiful shades of ski blue, lilac and red! Conjures up images of a poppy field in full bloom, with a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop!

Blue Skies & Poppy Fields over I <3 Poppies

I love this glitter topper. It looks great over a variety of colors. For my birthday I did the above look with Mystic Muse polishes (find out more here). I wanted to show you how beautiful Blue Skies and Poppy Fields was over this blue combo.It really makes the red and pink glitters pop!

Poppy w/ Journey to the Center of the Poppy
POPPY: A delightful poppy colored creally that is Poppy perfect in every way! So cheerful and show stopping all in one! Sure to become a favorite!

This polish is very sheer. If you do not want to see the waterline in your nail you are going to want to wear an "undie". I also recommending using a base coat as I did get some staining from this polish. Shown here with 3 coats and Journey to the Center of the Poppy.  I think this polish would be great also for lead lighting technique.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE POPPY: As breathtaking as an black opal! This beautiful blend of black glitters and iridescent flakies has you transfixed from first glimpse! Dark and alluring, the perfect contrast to the rest of the Poppy Collection!

This blend of glitters and flakies is just so freakin awesome. Its very dense with various size black glitters and loaded with flakies. It will look great with so many polishes! Break out your creative side with this one!  I would recommend using a peel-able base coat if you are working with this glitter topper as it was tough to remove.

WHITE OPAL: A enchanting blend of White and iridescent hex glitter. This is a beautiful and delicate glitter topper for spring sure to look great with just about any polish. The iridescent glitters pick up different colors depending on the polish and lighting.

White Opal over Poppy - Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer
White Opal over Keirstyn
KEIRSTYN: A lush, semi sheer Kiwi green, with some gold sparkle added to enrich the color. I used 2 coats of Keirstyn for great coverage. This is such a soft, delicate green. Probably the closest to a pastel that you are going to get out of the collection.

VINTAGE: A whisper soft, sheer grey crelly, with red sparks thrown in to highlight a inner fire. Although its listed as sheer 2 coats again were all that was needed. Can you see that hint of pink shimmer in the polish?! I adore grey polishes and really love this one because it has such a classic (dare I say Vintage feel to it). 50 shades of grey would never be enough for me.

Pink Shimmers!!!
There you have it, another amazing and sophisticated collection from Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer! I love that they did something more unexpected this spring! Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy pastels, but the market is flooded with them this time of year. There are limited quantities of these available on Mystic Muse's website and there are no promises that that will be restocked - so if you see one (or all) that you like I encourage you not to waste any time in picking them up!

Which colors from this collection are your favorites? Did you order any of the polishes from this collection? Tell me below! I'd love to hear from you.

In other Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer news its currently open enrollment for the April Limited Edition Subscription box. Its going to be MAGICAL! You don't want to miss out! Details below! If you haven't already subscribed to receive these exclusive monthly boxes (what are you waiting for?!) the subscription window will be open April 1st - 15th with boxes shipping out on the 18th.  Boxes are $24.00 and subscribers get free shipping on all purchases, additional surprises and new products.

The April box will coordinate with the upcoming Enchanted Collection- so if you like fairies, unicorns and mermaids this is for you! Speaking of the Enchanted Collection, there is a hidden hint of something new in the picture below! I can't wait for you all to see, but until then I am sworn to secrecy!
Last but not least, in case you needed another reason to order Mystic Muse is launching a rewards program! See details below! Visit Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer online for more information. Follow Mystic Muse on Facebook and join the fan group discussion at Mystic Muse Mavens!


  1. They look worth the try !! Great review

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  5. Very pretty! I don't love glitter toppers but I like what you did with them!

  6. I really loved your birthday look. That glitter is my favourite!

  7. Lovely swatches! I love what you did with all the glitter toppers.

  8. I always love a red jelly! This one looks great.

  9. Vintage is one of the prettiest grays I've ever seen. Love!

  10. I absolutely love that she didn't go with the typical pastels for spring. These are so very pretty.


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