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What's Indie Bath - Speed Bathing w/ Ambrosiac BodyWorks and Nanny D's Bath Essentials

Its been a few weeks since we talked about What's Indie Bath, but don't worry I've been testing just for you! Its a dirty job but, oh who am I kidding? Its amazing! Ever heard of speed dating? Well I'm bringing the concept to this post - Speed Bathing -to introduce you to two new to me indie bath and body businesses. Don't worry no baths or showers were cut short for the making of this blog post.

Scrub a dub dub - lets see what's been in my tub!

Ambrosiac Body Works reached out to me before they launched and asked for me to test and provide them with some feedback on their products. Of course I was happy to oblige! I was super excited to get a box full of samples to try and while I really liked everything I'm going to share with you a few of the standouts!

Scrubby Soapffle- $8.00
Pronounced "soap-flay" (ooo, fancy!)

Pick Your Poison! This means choose your favorite scent from "The Smelly Archive" and run with it! The Smelly Archive has been updated, and now contains more than 150 choices for your sniffing pleasure! Click here to view them all!

Soapffle is made with antioxidant rich grapeseed oil, soothing and rejuvenating yogurt, and nutrient rich jojoba oil. It's thick and fluffy, spongy and scrubby, and moisturizing and cleansing all at once! If you’re going to use this to shave with, work the exfoliating granules out of it first or apply with a loofah to accomplish that end. Since the soapffle contains yogurt which is beneficial to hair, it may also be used as a creme shampoo. Bonus!

I just love the texture of this product. It foams up nicely and the exfoliating granules are very gentle. Its a must buy! Which reminds me I need more!

"Hello Kitteh" Soothing Bath Salt - You had me at, "Hello." ...Meow!

This sweet, floral, bright pink, shimmery, glittery bath salt is about as girly as you can get without tying a bow around your head and screaming at the sight of a spider. Add 2-4 tbsp of our soothing bath salt to warm running water, and let it do its magic to soothe tired muscles, reduce inflammation, calm aching joints, and clear your head as you relax. Made with epsom salts, skin softeners, and scented with delicate lily of the valley, sweet lilacs, intoxicating jasmine, sugary sweet pea blossoms, and just a hint of fresh cut freesia, a long soak in a tub full of "Hello Kitten" is the perfect place for a bathtime escape.

The scent of this bath salt is just heavily. The sample I got of this was used up very quickly, especially after my toddler daughter stole it from me! Really gave the bath a wonderful scent and moisturizing properties!

The Pete Bar - Approx 4.0oz. $5.25

The "The Pete Bar" since a certain 5-year old with eczema uses it at every tubby time to help his condition. This soap is made with a goat milk soap base, giving it a creamy moisturizing lather. The oats gently exfoliate away dead skin. The honey adds a light, warm, sweet scent, the added sugar content helps increase the lather, and acts as a humectant to help your skin retain the moisturizing benefits of the sweet almond oil, added vitamin E, and antimicrobial properties of the optional tea tree oil. You won't find any added synthetic scents or colors in this soap, since they can irritate the skin, and The Pete likes his bar to help, not hurt. 

This gentle soap is perfect for anyone young or older with sensitive skin. I have actually been using this in the mornings as my face soap! It has a nice lather and leaves great moisture. I used the bar with tea tree oil because it is a great essential oil for acne prone skin!

Coming Soon - YoGoat Mani Soak
If you have read any of my mani routines on getting healthy beautiful nails you know that regular moisture is key! One of the ways I quench thirsty hands and nails is with weekly soaks in lukewarm water. Now you can use one of Ambrosiac's lovely mani bombs and or also use some of this amazing mani soak! 

This product is one I got to test before release and I'm crazy about it. I need to get my hands on more!
This mani soak includes goat milk, yogurt enzymes and proteins to really add maximum benefit to the soak. It will be part of a shea-free conditioning line named "YoGoat". 

YoGoat is a brand new line of products that are shea-free and tree-nut free, and designed with thirsty skin in mind. They are made with yogurt enzymes and proteins, goat milk, sunflower oil, and packed full of vitamins E and C to give your skin exactly the snack it's craving to be as radiant as it can be.

If I am basing this line off of the mani soak then I bet its going to be awesome! 

Shop these products and more online at and don't forget to follow Ambrosiac Body Works on Facebook and join the discussion in their FB fan group

Nanny D's Bath Essentials is a indie bath and body business based in Western Pennsylvania. I'm originally from western PA so this store is extra special to me.  I ordered a few things and they were also kind enough to send me a few extra things to try!

photo courtesy Nanny D's
Bath Bombs are offered in various sizes. These gorgeous spring bath bombs above are massive 7-8oz and are $8.00 each. I had purchased the smaller bath bombs which I got 3 for $5.00.  I got "7-up Pound Cake, Pink Sugar and Avobath.  (Side note if you are a fan of Lush's Avobath scent here is your dupe!)

photo courtesy Nanny D's
These bath bombs are packed with amazing fragrance and skin softening/moisturizing agents. Each bomb weighs between 2-2.5oz (they are golf ball sized) Drop it in the tub and let the amazing fragrance help you relax. Colorant may change color of bath water, this is normal! Rinse tub well when done.

Bath Truffle in "7-up Pound Cake." A perfect blend of warm cake, almond, lemon, lime, vanilla, and sugar. I loved this generously sized bath truffle. It took awhile to dissolve which I loved and it was super moisturizing! 

These bath truffles are packed with amazing fragrance and skin softening/moisturizing butters. Each truffle produces bubbles for an added benefit. Each truffle weighs between 3.0-3.5oz

Creamy Whipped Soap
Nanny D's was kind enough to send me some of their Creamy Whipped Soap in the Avobath scent to try along with the bath bombs I had ordered. And I just adore it! The creaminess comes from being whipped repeatedly. It will stiffen up when it sits for a bit, so a jar someone gets in the mail may seem a bit stiff, but once a scoop is dug out and put on a scrubby or whatever is being used to shower with, it foams right up.

The moisture comes from a mix of all the ingredients....and a tad bit of love that goes into all of their products.

Nanny D's just launched a website but sells primarily on their Facebook page. Be sure to check out and follow her Facebook page for lots of "eye candy" and new product availability! Just comment on a picture or send them a message to order! Shipping and handling is $7.50 for orders under $35.00. Don't forget, Nanny D's will be closing in two weeks, on April 1st for SIX WEEKS. Get your orders in before the deadline!!

So that's whats been in my tub! Tell me what you think! Have you tried Ambrosiac Body Work or Nanny D's Bath Essentials? Anything you want to pick up now that you've read my post? Tell me below - I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I LOVE the Ambrosiac Scrubby Soapffle! It's my new "must always have". And wow those Nany D bath Bombs are so pretty!

  2. I'm always a sucker for bath products! My favorites are lush! :)


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