Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Birthday Nails! Mystic Muse Style

So Monday was my birthday. Yes, 34 years ago I came into the world to make it just a tad more interesting. Have you ever checked to see who you share a birthday with? Lots of folks share my March 30th birthday including: Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton, Celine Dione, Richard Sherman, Vincent Van Gogh and MC Hammer (hammer time!)

Aquamarine is the March birthstone and I just can't seem to find the perfect polish with enough pizazz to do it justice. Something I hope to change when the opportunity presents itself. Anyhow I
just received my Mystic Muse Limited Edition subscription box which included a beatiful sheer blue holo.  So I decided to do a Aquamarine inspired mani for my birthday - easy since my favorite color is blue.

But first a quick look at my Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer Limited Edition subscription box for March. It included:

BLUE SKIESA subtle sky blue holo jelly, made with our crystal clear formula blue in color but 100% sheer! Great to use when doing the Lead lighting technique. Use 2-3 coats for more opacity.

SHY VIOLET: A beautiful Spring, pearlescent, violet lacquer, with such an amazing depth of color.

Want to know more about the monthly Limited Edition Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer subscription box? Read my previous month's reviews here and here.

Since Blue Skies is really very sheer I needed something to go underneath of it in a similar shade to serve as the base.

LADY KATRINA: (Cathedral Collection - retiring color) a hauntingly beautiful duochrome in shades of teal and blue. Review and swatches can be found here.

BLUE SKIES (LE March) A subtle skyblue holo jelly, made with our crystal clear formula blue in color but 100% sheer! Great to use when doing the Lead lighting technique. Use 2-3 coats for more opacity. This polish added a beautiful linear holo sparkle to accent Lady Katrina gorgeous teal strength.

BLUE SKIES & POPPY FIELDS (Poppy Collection) A beautiful glitter top coat that is packed with all types and sizes of glitter, in beautiful shades of ski blue, lilac and red! Conjures up images of a poppy field in full bloom, with a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop! More on the whole Poppy Collection coming soon!

I was really happy with the final product. Blue Skies and Poppy Fields may be my favorite glitter topper ever. The small specks of red and pink really POP against the blue background. With it being Cherry Blossom festival time here in the DC area this also reminds me of those Cherry Blossoms blooming against the blue skies of spring.

I've gotten some clues about the April LE box and Collection. I can only tell you that you should reserve some of your polish budget for April because you will be amazed at whats to come!

In other news Mystic Muse is launching a new rewards program! Details below! If you haven't already subscribed to receive these exclusive monthly boxes (what are you waiting for?!) the subscription window will be open April 1st - 15th with boxes shipping out on the 18th.  Boxes are $24.00 and subscribers get free shipping on all purchases, additional surprises and new products.

Visit Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer online for more information. Follow Mystic Muse on Facebook and join the fan group discussion at Mystic Muse Mavens!

Tell what you think of this mani or about any of your favorite Mystic Muse polishes. Who shares your birthday? Have you found an awesome birthstone polish? Tell me below! I love to hear from you!


  1. Happy birthday and what beautiful polishes :) xx

  2. Happy birthday again! I really love this mani! I'm not normally a fan of the "side french", but with the glitter it is awesome!

  3. A very happy birthday to you, and such a wonderful mani! I need to add Mystic Muse to my list of brands I need to try.

  4. Happy Birthday! This mani is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Your glitter placement is super pretty!

  6. Happy birthday! I love the side French.

  7. Happy Birthday!! The polishes are beautiful and the look you did with them is gorgeous!

  8. Happy birthday! Wow those polishes are beauties, what a nice treat for your birthday month.

  9. Happy Birthday! These look amazing and so beautiful on you.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday, yummy cake and gorgeous nail polish.

  11. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!! I really love that blue and am very intrigued by the purple. Can't wait to see swatches :)

  12. Happy Belated Birthday ! Love your mani


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