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'Frozen' Bath Box - Blue Ridge Naturals

I've seen the movie Frozen more times then I can count. With a 3 and a half year old the movie and all the songs are on a regular rotation in our house. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of in love with the movie too. So when Blue Ridge Naturals (BRN) announced they were doing a Frozen themed bath box I immediately knew I had to have one to share with my daughter!

This amazing, limited edition box includes 9 exclusive items in special themed scents. At $20.00 a box for this many, hand made, high quality items that's a great value! I'm going to walk you through the box to tell you what I think about everything!

Bubble Bar in "Let it Go" - sample size
I am in love with this scent. Its a fresh mixture of salty sea air, fresh ripe berries, ozone and a hint of floral. Nothing overpowers each other and  in addition to the amazing, lingering scent it produces a nice amount of bubbles. (pictured above- lower left) I can't wait to see more bubble bars from BRN!

Bubbling Cupcake Truffle
I'm like Anna in "the first time in forever" and "I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face!" This decadent bath truffle looks and smells good enough to eat! If you read my prior post about BRN you would know I am already a big fan of their bath truffles. This is no exception. This deliciously smelling cupcake truffle will fill your bath with chocolate bubbles galore!

"North Mountain" Snowflake Goats Milk Soap
North Mountain is a festive blend of pine, apples, cinnamon, holly, bayberry and a kiss of vanilla.  I was excited to get this in the box because I had not tried any bar soaps from BRN before. This beautifully sculpted, glitter crusted, snowflake will be sure to brighten your bath or shower in winter or summer. My daughter immediately staked her claim to this soap. The soap produces a really creamy, moisturizing lather. I loved the fresh scent, it smells so clean. I really like goats milk soap - its gentle and really moisturizing for your skin.  No issues with my daughters sensitive skin either.

Whipped Soap in "My Own Personal Flurry"
This new and improved whipped soap is amazing! The texture is very soft and fluffy and it foam up very quickly! Sometimes whipped soaps can become very dense and require some effort to get it all foamy again, not this soap! Its really moisturizing too! I have actually been washing my hand with it to keep them from drying out! This also makes an excellent lather to shave with! My Own Personal Flurry is scented with sweet juicy pear blended with cool crisp peppermint.

"In Summer" Bath Salt 
In summer is scented with a trocial breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk. Shaped like Olaf's carrot nose this generous sized bath salt makes you ready for summer. Since I have a very large bath tub I used about a 1/2 of the salts for my bath. They smelled amazing, dissolved easily and produced a fair amount of bubbles! My skin was soft the rest of the day!

"Coronation Day" Bath & Body Oil
To my "in summer" bath I added a few healthy squirts of BRN's new bath oil. This easy to clean up oil is so versatile.  While it was for the bath I wondered how it would work as a body oil. I started by using it after washing my hands. I applied to my still wet hands and then patted dry with a towel. And guess what?! Soft, not greasy, smelly good hands! Next I used it in the shower. Apply and rub into still wet skin and towel dry as usual. This is especially great if you just shaved your legs! Coronation Day is scented with sweet strawberry and frosted Jasmin petals, kissed with magical-notes of white amber and creamy sandalwood. I have noticed lately that I'm kind of in love with Jasmin and I've always loved amber so this scent is right up my ally!

"True Love's Kiss" Body Frosting
A sample of BRN's recently reformulated Body Frosting came in the box and wow lets talk about how amazing it is! It's super thick and rich but as soon as you spread it on your skin it skins right in. And the scent is dreamy.  True Loves Kiss is a warm and creamy vanilla snowflake, frosty mint and a light kiss of coconut. Doesn't that just sound amazing?! So excited that this scent is going to be offered in other products as well. I need more of this body frosting like now!

"Ice Palace" Roll on Perfume 
Now I am generally not a perfume person nor do I usually like anything floral....well this scent changed my mind. Raspberries, melon, peony, magnolia and white musk define Ice Palace. The raspberry, melon and musk even out the floral notes of peony and magnolia. Peonies are my favorite flower so I love having something with a hint of their scent that won't knock me over. I've been wearing this everyday since I got it and it hasn't given me a headache like other perfumes! And look at the snowflake glitter inside!

"Frozen Heart" Mani Bomb
A new product to BRN's growing offerings! As a polish blogger I use mani bombs like crazy. This scent is with fresh fallen snow with background notes of frosty ozone and spicy juniper berry, laid down on a bed of forest woods. Use this to soak hands or feet. Made with oils and butters that will soften your cuticles and feet. Soak hand or feet or both! 10 minutes each.

Just add your mani bomb to a container filled with lukewarm water - I use a large 14cup tubberware container. Why lukewarm? Because hot water can pull moisture from your skin and we're trying to rehydrate here ladies! Here is another tip - one of the reasons I use a tubberware container is because I can put a lid on it and use it again and again throughout the day.  When I'm swatching lots of polishes I will soak my hands for a few minutes between each polish change. Works for when your doing lots of cleaning or dishes too. But one day (afternoon) only and then discard. Need more tips for healthy hands and nails? Read my article over at The Little Beauty Guide!

There you have it! What a great box!

If you haven't picked up one of the Frozen boxes I believe there are only about 5 left at the time of this post- so you better hurry up before the opportunity melts away!

If you miss out on the Frozen inspired boxes don't fret, Blue Ridge Naturals is currently taking preorders for their Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory inspired box! Hop over to their Facebook page for more information! This new box is going to feature BRN's first polish as well! You can order a multitude of amazing Blue Ridge Naturals products anytime on their website.

Have you ever tried anything from Blue Ridge Naturals? Did you pick up a Frozen Inspired box or what looks best to you from this box? Tell me below - I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I love this! I'm off to check out the link:)

  2. This sounds like a bonanza of yummy bath stuff! I love oil over cream or lotion for my skin, it seems to get the job done better than anything.

  3. These look great! Looks like dessert, hehe!

  4. These look good enough to eat! I love fun bath products but never have the time to use them.

  5. Wow. I love anything and everything with Frozen Theme.

  6. Everything sounds like it smells amazing!

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