Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pretty & Polished - Dark Arts Collection & Indie Bath Bonus

I'm excited to bring you the new Dark Arts Collection from Pretty & Polished! There are 6 polishes in the Dark Arts Collection. The collection is inspired by the card game "Magic the Gathering." When I asked the creator about the inspiration she told me that while she never played the game, someone gave her family a bunch of the cards and they were very interesting. It gave her a lot of ideas and made her want to focus on a collection that had a little bit of a darker magical feel to it. Magic comes in a lot of forms, dark, light, beautiful, scary. That is what inspired the different polish effects.

Pretty & Polished offers 5- free polishes with a commitment against any animal testing. Pretty & Polished was started in early 2011 on Etsy. Since then they have added to their inventory and are still bringing top quality nail lacquers at an affordable cost.

Without further ado, I present to you the Dart Arts Collection:

I Never Kiss and Spell is a glow in the dark matte shade of bright pink. This near neon pink dries to a matte finish and is opaque in 3 coats. My daughter loves pink and was thrilled that it glowed in the dark.

Maleficium is a white polish packed with color shifting micro flakes. The base polish is not super thick but it sure is packed with those color shifting micro flakes. I used 3 coats for opaque coverage.  This polish is very unique - depending on the lighting the flakes make the base sometimes appear more grey or a pale lavender. Its simple to sensational. 

Suspended in Dusk is a purple to gray color changing holographic polish with a green shimmerThe formula in this one is on the thin side but not unmanageable. 2-3 coats recommended. The polish shows more purple in bottle a little more grey on the nails with a peek of green shimmer. Its a really complex color to capture. 

I decided to pair it with Maleficium and I feel like it almost looks like two different polishes. Like the polish has its own natural ombre to it. So cool!

Arcane in the Membrane is a gorgeous holographic glitter polish. Mini glitters leaning teal and green pack this beautiful polish. Easy to apply and 2 coats are all that is needed. This has to be my favorite of the bunch. Its just so gorgeous!

They Call it Witchcraft is a double threat. Not only is it a glow in the dark polish but it color changes as well!  It goes from teal to green in heat. The formula is thin but easy to manage. I used 3 thin coats and had no dragging or streaking. I found the color change somewhat subtle on this one. I really love the teal. 

I'm also going to be doing some nail art paring this polish with Arcane in the Membrane. I have some ideas on incorporating the color shift - so be sure to follow Pretty & Polished and myself on Instagram! 

See the color change in the tips! (bottom photo)
Necromancing the Stone is the 6th and final polish in the Dark Arts Collection. It is a black to blue color changing polish with color shifting micro flakes.  

Can we start with how much I love the creative name of this polish? Base looks more of a dark green in person but photographs black. Filled with pink, green, blue, purple micro flakes. I used 2 coats looks for these photos, followed by top coat. I found the finish to be a little grainy so topcoat recommended to smooth that out. When exposed to heat (hot water, lamp in my case)  - to a teal - flakes really pop out!

Thermal Color Change
Its important to note that thermal polishes do need proper care. They can last a year as long as they are stored correctly. This means no leaving them exposed to heat or severe cold for long periods of time.

The thermal color changers are $9.00 and the others are $8.50 and are now available online! Which are your favorites from the collection? Tell me below! With the different finishes and effects of these polishes I feel like you can get super creative in your own "dark arts".

Pretty & Polished also offers a Bath and Body section is filled with amazing products that are sure to satisfy. They offer cuticle care products like cuticle oils, balms and lotions. Along with their hand and cuticle items they offer a range of body care featuring sugar scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, and even conditioner. They have been making the bath & body products for about 2 years now, but technically specialize in polish. They also plan on expanding their bath & body products in the future so stay tuned!

Since I love bath and body products in addition to polish they sent me their watermelon sugar scrub and cuticle balm stick to review for you today as well.

Cuticle Balm Stick in Strawberry Bubblegum ($4.00). The balm is portable and easy to use on the go. Less messy then an oil but melts into your cuticle like an oil.  That is usually my issue with cuticle balms that come in a stick form - that they don't transfer enough moisture or that to get enough you have to "cake" it on your fingers and then it doesn't dissolve.  Well not the Pretty & Polished balm! Rejoice! I have an alternative to messy oils on the go!

This vegan, cruelty free product contains coconut oil, mango seed butter, shea butter, avocado oil and Vitamin E.  Other scents offered include: Coconut Papaya, Coffee Junkies, Lavishing Lemon & Pink Sugar. But there are also balms offered in a jar and in an oil! Visit the Cuticle Care section of the Pretty & Polished site for all the details and products! 

photo courtesy Pretty & Polished
Sugar Scrub in Watermelon (4oz $4.00/ 8oz $7.00)
Our Watermelon Sugar Scrub smells deliciously of fresh cut watermelon. It is mouth wateringly sweet!
Use scrub in bath or shower to gently exfoliate and rub dead skin cells away. Scrub will leave your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and smelling delightful!

I loooove sugar scrubs. They are the fastest way to remove dry, dead skin to reveal fresher, smoother skin! Plus they contain great stuff to add moisture to your skin. Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut oil and colored jojoba beads are just some of the indulgent ingredients in this yummy scrub. Other scents include Candied Cherries, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Cranberry and Cupcake. Uh, did you notice I said Chocolate Covered Bacon Sugar Scrub?!

Both my daughter and I loved the sugary sweet watermelon scent. I found that the scrub was not too harsh and did not have a very greasy base. It did not make my shower floor slippery like some scrubs I use will. Try using this on your legs before shaving for super smooth skin! I also like to use sugar scrub on my hands to remove dead skin.

Phew! That was a pretty expansive first look at Pretty & Polished! What do you think? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and continue the conversation with me on Facebook, BlogLovin and Twitter! Don't forget to follow Pretty & Polished on Facebook for more info, polish pics and news!

*These polishes were provide for my testing & honest review*


  1. These are beautiful! They look like such high quality polishes. I think my favorites are the pink and the teal! I just love how bright they are! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Very pretty colors! I don't paint my nails much, but I tend to go for pink or teal when I do.

  3. I adore pretty and polished but I've ordered from them a couple times and the post office have either lost or destroyed the package so it's a little too expensive for me to keep trying, so I like to live vicariously through others ! Your swatches are amazing <3

  4. Great nails! I love the purple to gray ones!!

  5. Lovely swatches. And I've been dying to get my hands on their scrubs.

  6. Oh my I love all of these nail colors!! And you have fabulous nails my dear. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much! Such a great compliment!

  7. What a great post, I love Maleficium and all the bath products!

  8. I really like Arcane in the Membrane. Very pretty teal!

  9. Every time I see Maleficium I like it more!

  10. All of these are beautiful! I love Malificium!

  11. Every time I see Maleficium it inches a little higher up my lemming list, and now I have to make room for Necromancing the Stone!

  12. Arcane in the Membrane and Suspended in Dusk are gorgeous!!!!


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