Monday, January 12, 2015

Julep Round Up! New Collections, Metamorphic Top Coat, Orbital Shadows

This month Julep launched the Chrysalis Collection and along with it a new lux lip-gloss and something called the Metamorphic Top Coat. If you entered your email address a free top coat would be included in your January Maven box. There are 3 versions in this collection Bjork (blue), Tilda (green), and Tyra (purple).

Photo Courtesy of Julep

Since I took my box this month (more on that below) I received Bjork which has a blue-ish tinge to the bottle.  I tried this first over non-Julep polishes out of curiosity and some similarly colored Juleps. The result? I feel like I'm missing something or totally misunderstood what this was supposed to do... It merely gives a blue colored shimmer to any polish and its not event that discernible.   

Bjork swatched on right side of each nail over nail color.

Its not to say it isn't pretty but "Metamorphic"? I don't personally think so.  It does add a little somethin' somethin' to dark colored polishes but, meh - I'm underwhelmed.

This month I used MyMaven customizable subscription to get 3 of the polishes from the collection - Shelly (Winter Mint Creme), Casey (Galapagos Teal creme) and Margit (Mushroom with Rose Shimmer). All of these were more beautiful swatched then I expected them to be, I may be a little obsessed with them at the moment  I'm a little sad I didn't add one of the new lip glosses to my box, though I know I will be able to score one at a discount if I just watch the promotions and sales codes.

Shelly with Julep Kathy

While we are talking topcoats I wanted to discuss the Silk Effects top coat that I got in my December Mavens box. Since I already had three of Julep's silk finish polishes (Shannon, Quinn & Shushmita) I thought I would get this since I felt like they needed a top coat of their own. I like silk finish polish more then matte personally.  I have a serious urge to silk finish Shelly the new Wintermint creme. If you follow me on instagram you'll probably see this soon!

With the craziness of the holiday season I didn't get a chance to write about my December Maven box! And what was really exciting about that box? Well I was one of the 100 Julep Mavens picked to receive an upgrade to the entire Countdown Collection!

This was my box!!
The polishes in this collection are probably my favorite this fall. Lots of amazing metallics, shimmers and glitters! I was inspired to do a waterfall mani by the collection which I was pretty much in love with!

I also got 4 of the new Orbital Eyeshadows that Julep launched.  These multidimensional eyeshadows have triple the pigment for intense brightness, incredible stamina, and endless looks. I received Airglow, Moonbeam, Equinox and Supernova.

Airglow: Champagne with rose gold pearlescence
Earthshine: Tree bark with chrome pearlescence
Equinox: Pewter with silvery purple pearlescence
Moonbeam: Silver with lilac pearlescence
Supernova: Charcoal with electric orchid pearlescence
Zenith: Cocoa with gold pearlescence

I probably use Airglow everyday now. Its such a beautiful neutral shade. Moonbeam is also beautiful but definitely has a strong silver/lilac presence. The shadows are a great quality and I hope they come out with some more neutral colors for everyday wear. 

Also included was one of Julep's new eye shadow brushes. Extremely soft, fine, synthetic bristles meet a versatile dome shape. Great for both powder and cream eyeshadows. I love this brush!

Until my next Maven box arrives let me know what you are loving from the December and January collections! Have you tried the new shadows or lip gloss yet?

Remember Mavens get free shipping on every order! New to Julep and want to join? Use my referral link to get started! Be sure to download the Julep App for iPhone too for daily deals (Mavens Only) and watch your email as I know there will be special offers galore.

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  1. Oh man! I love Julep polish and I'm in love with all of those colors! :)

    1. I have my ups and downs with Julep but the polishes have been getting more consistent lately. They just need more diversity in finishes. :)

  2. I haven't tried anything yet, but love all of these colors!!

    1. If you know the saavy way to shop Julep its totally worth it!

  3. I love the Supernova shade. Very pretty.

    1. It is pretty - its just very VA VA VOOM! So I don't feel like I can wear it as a day look.

  4. I love the Shelly polish. So cute for these chilly winter months.

    1. It really is! And it also will be great for spring and Easter!

  5. I've seen the Julep polishes around and always thought the shape was neat, but I haven't tried any myself. Loving the mint colour.


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