Friday, December 19, 2014

Silver Bells & 24K Gold - Limited Edition Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer


Its the holiday season and every girl needs some sparkle in her life! For the holidays this year Mystic Muse came out with a bunch of new polishes and gift sets to help Santa's elves deliver holiday cheer.  In addition to the Winter Solstice Collection they launched the limited edition Nutcracker Collection as well as the limited edition polishes that I'm going to highlight here for your today! As with all the other Mystic Muse polishes these are all 5-Free. Want to know more about what that means? Click here for a great article.

Sterling & 24K

24K Gold - a dazzling gold holo. Can be used as an accent or apply 2-3 coats for full out bling! This polish will add some serious sparkle to your holidays! I used 3 coats and my favorite Mystic Muse top coat for the pictures. The holo glitters just sparkle with all sorts of holo beauty. Very easy to work with as well - the glitters spread evenly and self-leveled nicely.

I felt like the gold was just screaming for some holiday red -  so of course I had to throw on Nutcracker from the Limited Edition Nutcracker Collection (review link here). Just a few quick stripes and an accent nail. I loved the color combo - will definitely do something with this again and spend a little more time on it.

Silver Bells Gift Set
As one of the Christmas gift sets Mystic Muse offered the Silver Bells set. This silvery duo came packaged in a sparkly sequined silver bag. I really felt like I was treating myself to something special when I opened the little red box to find these inside.

Sterling and Frosted Iron

Frosted Iron - a beautiful vintage silver with slight blue frost.
I am in love with this polish. The micro flakes of blue make this medium grey polish shine with a subtle blue tint. Blue and grey together, two of my loves. Two coats and Mystic Muse top coat shown here. Loved the formula on this.

Sterling - a luxurious silver flake topper. These flakes are made with real sterling silver! Talk about luxury! The sparkle in this is just amazing. And while many "silver" holos are more iridescent (like Clara from the Nutcracker Collection) this is a real sterling silver. Tiffany & Co. is calling!

 Since these came as a set I felt like I had to show you these together, plus I have a minor obsession lately with glitter gradients.

So what do you think? Did you pick up any of the Mystic Muse gift sets for yourselves or loved ones this holiday season? I personally can't wait to see what the new year brings from Mystic Muse! I've heard they have several surprises up their sleeves.

Don't forget to check out the Winter Solstice Collection which is available now at Mystic Muse's website. And follow Mystic Muse on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more beautiful swatches and news! Come join the discussion and share your own mani's on our Mystic Muse Facebook group, Mystic Muse Mavens.

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Polishes featured were purchased by me. Opinions are all my own. No use of photos without permission.


  1. I love shinies, and Sterling is so different from anything I own. Great artwork!

    1. Thank you so much! Sterling really is special - Its like the king of bling!


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