Monday, December 29, 2014

Favorite Things - Hand and Nail Care Edition

I thought it was about time for another edition of My Favorite Things. Today I'm talking about my favorite hand and nail care!

Winter cold, frequent hand washing and daily polish changes are just some of the challenges my hands & nails face this time of year. Add onto that the battle they faced with a trip to Disney, holiday travel, cooking, dishes and opening presents and I felt like mine were in a serious state.  As soon as we got home I dove into my current routine and I thought I would share it with you. 

Before you begin remove any polish or nail treatment you may be wearing. 

Start with a scrub- using a scrub will remove dead skin and allow better absorption. 

 photo courtesy of Sunny's Body Products

 I like to start by scrubbing my hands, nail beds & cuticles with my favorite Sunny's Body Products Sugar Scrub. I'm currently loving the ice capades scent from her limited edition holiday box. I hope you picked up one of her awesome boxes but if not go and visit her store! She has hundreds of scents and lots of amazing products (see my Favorite Things - Part II post for more). Scrub aprox $7.00 if purchased individually. Of course I love the box - everything pictured above was only $24.0! Visit Sunny's Body Products online

Add in a soak - add moisture to your hand and nails. Thanks to that scrub they are really to soak it up!

 photo courtesy of Cinema Swatch Lacquers

I recently found Cinema Swatch's Mani Milk. I had fortunately won a gift certificate from Heather's Hues for Cinema Swatch and added this to my cart. 

Mani Milk is a beautiful milk bath with oat flour, and whole milk with vitamins A,D, and E to soften and sooth your hands or toes. Simply add to very warm water, swish, and soak! Oats and Honey scent made with real honey, oat flour, and whole milk with vitamins A,D, and E. I love the way this makes my hands feel and the oatmeal and milk is super soothing.  After soaking my hands for 10 min I try to soak my feet in the used portion (hey why not!)

Available for $6.00 from Cinema Swatch Lacquers.
Hand cream and Cuticle oil Pat hands dry after using soak. I like to use hand cream followed by cuticle oil. 

There are TONS of hand creams and cuticle oils on the market so use what you like. I personally love my holiday box items as I said above. The Christmas box includes Hand Butter in Warm Vanilla Almond which smells amazing on its own but is even more heavenly with some Hot Chocolate Cuticle oil.  I also love Sunny's Intense Cuticle oil - that comes in a dropper container so its for home. While the Hot Chocolate is a rollerball for on the go!

Julep Nail Mask - Here is where I get serious about hydration! 30 minutes with these babies on your digits and your nails feel harder, more moisturized and cuticles are smooth! When your done rub in any remaining serum and discard masks.

  photo courtesy of Julep

These little masks from Julep are one of my previously mentioned favorite things. Keep thirsty nails hydrated with these nutrient-rich masks. Each packet contains 10 slip-on masks that deliver vitamin E, aloe, collagen, shea butter, and botanical oils to your nail beds and cuticles. Plus, they’re touchscreen-friendly—feel free to text and tweet while you treat. Since I'm a Julep Maven I already get these at a discount - but if you shop Julep's sales and promo codes you can get them for a steal! Just shop savvy! These are offered today for a 5 pack for $9.99. I've already stocked up! Visit for more info!

 photo courtesy of Julep 

There you have it! Where you go from here is really up to you. Since I generally do this at night I just continue to apply either miracle balm or one of my favorite cuticle oils and let my nails breath. Or I add NailTek or Julep Oxygen Treatment just to keep my nails strong until their next polishing (which isn't usually too far behind!

What is your go to routine? Have you tried any of these products? I'd love to hear from you below or on my Facebook or Twitter page.  

* All products featured were self purchased. All opinions are my own*


  1. I seriously neglect my hands and nails so much but after reading this post I think I'll spend a little more time on them (:

    1. Any little extra TLC you can give them makes a difference!


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