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Julep November Maven Box & Mascara Review

Its that time of the month again! Time to dig into my monthly Julep Maven subscription box. This month I decided to get both of the new mascara's that are being released - Length Matters and Go Big! Since I have the My Mavens customizeable box ($24.00/mo) I also threw in Devon as an add on polish and Alex from the Secret Store.

I consider myself somewhat of a mascara aficionado as I have tried them all! High end, low end, layering mascara, you name it - I've tried it. So lets jump right in!

Length Matters WOW Impact Mascara

Photo by MySubscriptionAddiction

What is it:
No extensions here! Our finely tapered, micro-bristle brush layers on more and more mascara for a softly curled, wide-eyed look that stretches the limits.

What it does:
• Tapered micro-bristle brush wraps each lash with the perfect amount of mascara
• Creamy formula gently sculpts each lash for exaggerated length, lift, and definition
• Layerable formula that builds to your custom lash look

I was impressed with this mascara. It definitively added considerable length to my lashes and did not cake up as I was applying it. I checked when I got to work and it had not smudged at all - which is rare for me.  Also I had no flaking - which happens to me a lot with other mascaras.  Flaking is what makes lots of those with sensitive eyes have lots of issues.

Devon - Classic with a Twist  

Color description: Slate grey with fuchsia microshimmer 

I have a minor obsession with grey polishes as of late and this polish looked so pretty with a fuchsia microshimmer that I put it in my cart as an add on. 

Swatch by Julep

Unfortunately I am sorely underwhelmed by the polish.  That fuchsia microshimmer that looks so pretty in the bottle? Ya, does not translate at all when applied and dries :( I found that the slate grey was flat and the shimmer hard to be found. While the formula was fine with 2 coats I am just not impressed with the color. Oh well....

Alex - Boho Glam 

I also picked up Alex from the Secret Store this month. It is a shimmery purple that kept catching my eye. I'm glad I got her because she is SO PRETTY!  Check her out in the sun with a little accent of Devon and some bling on my ring finger.

 Go Big Volumizing Mascara

What it is:
Looking for bombshell body? This mascara’s microcylinder brush is tapered to reach every last lash. The creamy formula volumizes, thickens, and curls without ever getting crunchy, flaky, or wearing away.
What it does:
• Compressed microcylinder brush with bristles that grasp, glide, coat, and separate lashes
• Tapered design for precision on corners & lower lashes
• Layerable formula that builds to your custom lash look

For me I wasn't as impressed by Go Big on its own as I was with Length Matters. I think the length formula and brush just work better for my lash composition. Again no flaking, clumping or smudging with Go Big. 

(top) No Mascara vs Go Big Mascara

I think these are both pretty great mascaras and I'm happy I got them both as I think layering them is the way to go! I also love the packaging, very lux feeling.

I think mascara is a really personal thing. You have to try, try, try mascaras to find a brush and formula that is right for your lashes. And sometimes the $7.00 mascara is better then the $30.00 mascara if it works best for you! 

I also recommend layering mascaras. While my lashes seem to get more 'bang for the buck' from the Length Matters mascara, I find that the Go Big helps fill in my lashes and grab the outer corners. I definitely found that using Length first and then immediately using Go Big to fill in and grab the corner and inner lashes is the way to go. I did not allow my first coat to dry before using the next mascara. I also do one eye at a time.

I like to  experiment to determine the order that works best for me too (IE which to use first, second). I highly recommend that you do the same!  

Here I'm headed out to lunch with a girlfriend rocking my Julep lashes, Julep eye glider and favorite lipstick (see My Favorite Things Part II for more info on that).

Its November so naturally I'm starting to think about my holiday wish list and what I  may want to give some of the lucky ladies on my list. Julep is well ahead of me launching their Holiday 2014 items. 

 LOTS of good stuff in there, especially the full collection of the birthstone polishes! Get your friends the gel glide eyeliners - thank me later! They are my favs!

Need some discount codes to help with your holiday shopping? I've got you covered!

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