Sunday, November 30, 2014

50 Shades Grey-dient

I've been meaning to try out some new gradient ideas that I've been playing around with in my head. Today I picked up one of my new untried pretties How you Dune? from KBShimmer. I did two coats as my base and hit a creative wall.... Then it hit me - a "grey-dient" - get it?

I turned to my Julep collection for a few more shades. I use my juleps for nail art a lot. I like the variety of shade options in different colors. This fall I've been really into grey so I have quite a few. No real relation to the book and up coming movie - although I've read them all  - I just liked the play on words.

Gradients are messy business and I wanted to try one of the ways to speed up clean up. I've read and heard a lot about Liquid Palisade and thought that $22.00 was kinda pricey for the product. Through my research (aka time spent scouring the internet) I found Cinema Swatch - Thats A Wrap Liquid nail tape.  For only $3.00 for a 6ml size trial.

That's A Wrap, liquid nail tape comes in a 6 ml mini bottle and Included with your purchase is a helpful tips card to get you started! This liquid tape will allow you to achieve an easy cleanup after stamping, water marbling, or even help as a guide for those who still have trouble while applying basic polish coats. The formula is ammonia free and contains aloe, so it won't dry your skin. It does contain a LATEX derivative, so if you have sensitivity please be aware of this.

The Verdict? I love it! It helps with clean up as it peels right off after you have applied your polish. It comes with some helpful tips and is easy to remove. I applied this after my base coat and base color and used it all around the nail. (Check out their IG account for a video of using the product!)

Polishes & Products Used for this Mani
Base Coat
Cinema Swatch - Thats A Wrap Liquid nail tape
KBShimmer: How you Dune?
Julep: Daria, Erin, Coretta
Milani Color Statement: Spotlight White
Julep Freedom Top Coat and Ta Da drops

Base color - How you Dune? 2 coats - Allow to dry. Then prep nail with Cinema Swatch That's a Wrap. Allow to dry for 2 min. *note my product never turned white but was dry
  1. Use make up sponge to apply in the following order (darkest to lightest) - Daria, Erin, How you Dune, Spotlight white. Using the sponge method (you can find numerous tutorials on YouTube) I did this until I was satisfied with the coverage and blending. About 2-3 times. 
  2. Used Julep Coretta (April Birthstone polish) to do a very light glittery gradient for some sparkle.
  3. Remove That's a Wrap and do any additional clean up around the nail/cuticle. 
  4. Coat of Gelous to protect that hard work
  5. Coat of Julep Freedom (quick dry) top coat, wait a few min followed by Julep Ta Da! drops.
What do you think? I kinda love it!


  1. That looks awesome. I am going to have to purchase the cinema swatch and try this gradient. .love the colors!! Thanks for posting. .

    1. Thank you! I really liked the liquid nail tape and for only $3.00 its a steal!


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