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Rainbow Honey - October Mystery Bag

A few months ago, in my quest to learn all about the world of indie (ie. independent) polishes I stumbled upon recommendations for a brand called Rainbow Honey. This New Jersey based  indie brand is super fun - their polishes are Glitter packed and Glitter heavy though they offer great cremes too.

And while I hear everyone talk about China Glaze's 'Fairy Dust' polish top coat its got nothing on Rainbow Honey's Diamond Dust. Trust me on this one! Diamond Dust essentially gives any polish a subtle holographic sheen.

One of the things I love about Rainbow Honey is their monthly Mystery Bag. Available in full size for $25 or the mini for $10.These fun monthly bags include new and upcoming products and colors in addition to being a great value! You can sign up for a monthly subscription or order month by month. Since I am terrible at waiting for surprises I wait for others to post spoilers in some of the online polish groups I'm apart of - and then decide if I want to buy.

This month's bag was a no-brainer! Had to have it!!

****Spoiler Alert****


October Mini Mystery Bag Review and Swatches

This month's bag was filled with a number of goodies and surprises!  My mini bag was filled with mini polishes, a full sized base coat, a lushish lip balm, roller ball and soap! Let me mention this again - it was only $10.00 (the base coat alone is a $10 value). SCORE!

(How cute is that soap?!)
  • All Your Base  (15 mL)   Rainbow Honey is re-releasing their much loved base coat.   Enriched with Vitamin E, I can see why this is much loved. Since my nails need more nourishment this is great for me. 
  • Cafe Con Leche (5mL )This Cafe con Leche polish is really quite pretty. Almost called "Cortadito" Cafe con Leche is a tribute to this delicious Cuban style espresso topped with steamed milk. It is a light creamy shade of brown, packed with micro gold and silver pigments. Unfortunately for me it did not look good with my skin tone....although I thought the color was beautiful!
  • Zi (5 mL) –  A balanced purple Lacquer packed with micro blue, gold, silver and magenta glitters. Layer up for a deeper purple! 
  • Sweet November Shimmer Soap (14 g) A Clean, foamy hand crafted shimmery body soap you can use all over. 
  • Sweet November Eau de Parfum rollerball (4 mL) A brand new frangrance by Rainbow Honey; Sweet November is a warm sweet must, perfect for fall, with notes of coconut and vanilla sugar.
  • L’Orange Ganache lip balm (.15oz) - Famous nourishing lip balm in a delicious new flavor. L'Orange Ganache is a blend of sweet dried oranges and Belgian dark chocolate! 

Cafe Con Leche - two coats with top coat. Nice formula but honestly looks horrible with my skin tone. I was sad as I really love a coffee colored polish.

Zi - two coats with a great formaula. Such a pretty sparkley polish. But I had a feeling I've seen this color before... (see below)
Other than the base coat my favorite thing in this month's Mystery Bag was the l'orange ganache lip balm. The combo of dark Belgium chocolate and hint of orange is addictive. Since this balm isn't available to buy individually I swapped for a few more from an online friend. Love my fellow addicts! Now I have 3 to enjoy!


Have you ever watched Fashion Police on E!? Lord I love Joan Rivers. There is a segment called Bitch Stole My Look where they show two celebrities wearing the same outfit and ask the panel who wore it best. When talking about 'dupes' or polishes that are duplicates this show segment regularly came to mind. So from hence forth any conversation on 'dupes' on Polish and Plates will be dubbed Bitch Stole My Look! and YOU decide who did it best.

 Rainbow Honey Zi vs. Lilypad Lacquers You Got My Attention

I just happened to have this bottle of Lilypad Lacquers (2013) and it immediately came to mind when I opened and looked at Zi.  Below two fingers are swatched with each - can you tell the difference? So who wore it best?

(Top bottle: You Got my Attention; Bottom: Zi)

(Pointer/Ring Finger are Lilypad Lacquers; Middle/Pinkie are Rainbow Honey)

Tell me what Rainbow Honey products you like best or can't wait to try! We haven't even talked about their scented top coats, soaps and scents yet!


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  1. Definitely sounds like a good offer and the polish looks very pretty. I would like try a couple of them for sure.


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