Wednesday, October 29, 2014

OPI Coca Cola Collection

I know its old news that OPI did a collection with Coca-Cola this past summer with several different shades inspired by classic Coca-Cola flavors, but I had a recent trip to Atlanta (the home of Coke) so I had to write this post!

Months ago I hunted down and picked up the classic Coca-Cola Red and the My Signature is DC (inspired by Diet Coke) since I knew I would be attending a work function sponsored by Coke this fall.

We had a private event at The World of Coke which included an overview of the freestyle machines and unlimited access to the museum. If you are a Coke fan (which I am) this is a very fun piece of Americana to visit. Cool art, lots of vintage Coke items and a sweet retail store. 

Below are some of the pictures of the art that I took.

Of course I HAD to do a Coca-Cola themed mani for my trip! Since I had very little time to actually paint my nails before packing I had to keep it simple. 2 coats of the red with a diet coke silver dot. I was inspired thinking about the bubbles of Coke and really wanted to do more to carry that through with perhaps a graduated polka dot or stamped with my Winstonia Nautical plate.  Next time. 

Did I mention that both of the polishes I used have awesome formulas? Also I have regularly used the silver My Signature is DC for stamping. The silver is really quite stunning by itself!  And I found this adorable Coke clutch in the retail store that looked great with my mani!

While I was there I also picked up the 10 pack of the mini's from the collection - its the only time I've actually seen these as my local beauty stores were sold out the moment they went on the shelves. I'm looking forward to having some fun with them when time permits. 

I'll leave you with this picture of me with the Coca-Cola polar bear. I felt like I was 5 years old again, he was SO cute. Honestly I wanted to take him home! I may now have a mild obsession....

Whats that I'm holding you ask? Its a very cute limited edition glitter topper to add to the collection called Bearest of Them All. One of the VPs for Coke loved my mani so much that she ran and got this from a stash as a gift for me. Needless to say I squealed with delight. A mixture of Coke colored glitters and hearts. I think its going to look super cute over Your So Vanilla.

 What colors from the OPI Coca-Cola collections do you have? Which do you love? Let me know!


  1. The photos you took look great. I bet you had a real good time. I don't have any of the coca Cola collection but I believe that I will grab the get cherries away and your so vanilla. I'll save them for when my nails have grown back.

  2. I love the Coca Cola red, don't have any of the Coca Cola collection

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