Monday, October 13, 2014

KB Shimmer "Spot Sign" - Leopard Glitter Swatch & Review

I was very excited last week when KB Shimmer Bath and Body announced that although the Winter 2014 line doesn't come out until November that they would be releasing their much awaited leopard glitter - Spot Sign! So of course I ordered it right away so I would have it for you all this weekend!

Have you met KB Shimmer yet? This awesome indie brand, based out of Indiana is amazing. I have at least 10+ of their polishes, including cremes, full coverage glitters and holos and they do NOT disappoint.  Additionally, compared to many other indies that run $10-$15 these are under $10.00 running $7.50 to $8.75. And their awesome top coat is only $5.00! I'm also a big fan of their vinyl nail decals for a fun, fast mani!

So lets get right to it!

Description from the KB Shimmer site: Spot Sign
Like a wild cat ready to pounce, this spotted polish is ready to bring out our wild side. Black leopard spot shaped glitters are accented by black dots, small black hexes and micro holographic sparkle. 

1 dabbed on Coat Recommended, Glitter Placement may be needed depending on how many spots are desired and the curve of the nail bed.

 (photo courtesy of KB Shimmer)

Type: Glitter Top Coat
Glitter Load: heavy
Glitter Size: Micro – Extra Large

I started my mani with a few shades of pink! All Julep polishes (index to pinkie) in Jules, Avery, Reagan and Maddy. I was comparing some pinks looking for some inspiration for a Breast Cancer Awareness mani - but I'd really love to pair this with KB Shimmer's How You Dune? or Hugs & Wishes from the Fall 2014 Collection. It would also look great with a simple white base for a snow leopard look!

Two thin coats of each and then waited for them to dry............

I did a thin coat of Spot Sign and wiggled the brush to help with the micro glitter application. I also used a make up sponge to apply. I applied the polish glitter directly to the make up spong to get some different size glitters and then dabbed the sponge directly on the nail. This step also helps soak up some of the clear base so you don't get too much while trying to achieve your glitter density.

Then I fished around for the leopard shaped pieces and placed them with a toothpick.  I noticed that I had to be careful about the placement of the glitter, as depending on the shape of my nail they would stick out a bit. A little maneuvering with the toothpick fixed this problem.

Two to three coats of your top coat of choice to smooth it all out and BAM! Leopard Glitter Mani! While I haven't used any other leopard glitter toppers I have been researching them online and what sets the KB Shimmer version apart is the mix of white and black micro to large pieces and micro holographic sparkle that compliment the leopard shapes and make this stand out.

Overall I like this new leopard glitter trend. I'm not the biggest glitter fan in the whole world but this is a fun one to add to your collection - especially if you aren't into doing such designs free hand or with a stamping plate. It does take some patience to apply and I highly recommend having a makeup sponge and toothpicks on hand. Practice, Practice, Practice! 

I can't decide if I need more or less glitter...Really, its all about what you like!

I can't wait to see what's in the  KB Shimmer Winter Collection!. I'm sure there will be a ton that I'll be add to my wish list! Be sure to check out the fall line and tell me what colors you'd love to have! If you get a bottle of Spot Sign be sure to share your mani's with me!

Here is to hoping that one day I will be accepted as a swatcher for KB Shimmer - a new blogger can dream right?? Whats your favorite KB Shimmer polish shade? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Love it! It's the perfect amount. It's definitely on my polish lust list.

    1. I've heard the rest of the Winter Collection is going to be amazing! I'm saving up to find out!

  2. Such cool glitter! Looks really great. :)


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