Monday, September 15, 2014

When You Don't Nail It....

Its frustrating sometimes seeing all these bloggers out there with beautiful nails, flawless cuticles and amazing nail designs. How do they do it?? I will have to interview some of them to find out their secret.

Anyhow, I have been loving grey lately. When I got my Julep September Maven box there was Erin - described as an Oyster grey crème. Its really so lovely!

(photo from Julep)

I also received Daria (a dark slate grey crème) as a bonus for taking 3 add ons to my Julep box this month. I decided to pair that with Annette which is a light dove grey crème - though it looks grey/beige to me.

(LtoR) Julep Daria, Annette, Erin.

It didn't turn out as perfect as I would have hoped but I really like these colors together.  Erin is a perfect grey. Love! Single chevron Nail Vinyls from Llarowe. I need a tad more practice with the vinyls I guess. And obviously I have been slacking on the cuticle oil! Going to have to try this design and color combo again!

indoor lighting 

direct sunlight

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  1. I love the color combination! I'm such a fan of monochrome (:


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