Sunday, September 28, 2014

Coming Soon! Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer - The Cathedral Collection

 This is going to be an exciting week! Why is that you ask?  Because this week I will be receiving the first bottles of Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer to swatch!! Just this weekend the artist behind Mystic Muse released the first look at her inaugural collection - The Cathedral Collection.

This Collection has 4 edgy shades to introduce you to the collection and the vibe of the brand. 

The line has its own distinct personality, its upscale, edgy and with a bit of whimsical thrown in. Not to mention its all this AND its 5-FREE. It includes Vintage Copper (a beautiful, classic copper glitter bomb), Cathedral ( smokey slate grey, with slight undertones of plum with metallic flecks of rich,warm copper), Lady Katrina (a hauntingly beautiful duochrome in shades of teal and blue), and Sinister (A cool, dark indigo blue, with a slight light blue frost that can be seen when the light hits it). I cannot wait to try these lovlies!

C. Lynn is the creator of Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer and with such gorgeous, dynamic shades - and that amazing unicorn in her logo - I had to know more about her story and inspiration! Luckily I was able to score you all some insight right from the source about it! C.Lynn was kind enough to time time away from getting ready for launch to answer some questions for me.

Q: What inspires you? 
What does not inspire me? Honestly I find inspiration in everything. I always have even as a child. All you have to do is open your eyes and your mind! It can be found in the way the sunlight shines thru the leaves on a tree, my favorite TV show or book charters.  If I could make them into a nail lacquer color, what do I think they would look like ? And without giving to much away, that is where my inspiration came from, for November's Collection!

Or even a whimsical dream I may have at night..That is how Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer came about, from a dream about a unicorn. I loved them as a little girl!

Q: Where did the inspiration from your first collection come from?
The first Collection being released for October is the Cathedral Collection. I was surfing the Web one evening looking up vintage Cathedrals. Anything vintage is a love of mine as well, and you will also see that come into play in certain future collections. I came across some beautiful Cathedrals! But then my mind went to how I would imagine them to look at night, by candle and moonlight. Dark hallways with a flickering candle lit in a room, or a dark corridor with only a cool blue ray of moonlight illuminating the room through a window. The cathedral would still be beautiful, but hauntingly beautiful!

Q: What made you start your own polish brand?
Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer has been a dream of mine for years, then one day I decided to make it a reality. I am so pleased at how it is coming to life. From my artwork,  all the way to the bottle, the line has its own distinct personality and I have worked hard to stay true to it. 

My collection will start off small but every month, new colors will be released. I will have a little of everything and hopefully something to please everyone. While other polish makers may go in one direction, you may see me take a alternate route, because to me they are just not colors in a bottle. They have usually been inspired by a person, place or life experience I have encountered!

PREORDER starts October 4th so mark your calendars! The collection will run $12.00 a bottle or $42.00 for the entire collection. Until the new website is finished the line will be available at the Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer store. And don't forget to follow Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer and Polish and Plates on Facebook for more updates, swatches and giveaways! !

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