Sunday, August 10, 2014

NARS Fall 2014 Collection - Night Out

I was recently innocently shopping at a local Blue Mercury store when I struck up a conversation with one of the sales folks there. I was looking at all the beautiful Deborah Lippman nail polish lined up and the new fall collection - she mentioned they had JUST received their new Fall 2014 NARS collection (they weren't even out yet.  She went back and unpacked them just for me - One by one, amazing color by amazing color.  Then she pulled out what "blue my mind" - Night Out. 

I thought to myself "I don't need another blue right?". Blue is my FAVORITE color and I have been on a mission to find the perfect blue. Everyone talks about the original formula for Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue but I can never find the discontinued bottle.

The blue was everything I wanted all the other blues to be.  The first coat was streaky but the second coat was fine.  I did a third very fine coat just for added depth of color and top coat. I think the formula was really good and it dried pretty fast! The pigment is just divine and I have had two people now say "I just haven't seen anything like that before!". To see if it stained I removed the polish from a few nails and NOPE, No staining.  Now I also use base coats - so I recommend doing the one of your choice. 

(Let me know if you are interested in knowing some of my basics like base coat, top coats, etc.)

I also really liked the application brush. The outer square cap pulls off to reveal a smaller cap with ridges which was really easy to hold. The brush itself is shorter and wider like the new brushes Sally Hansen has been using in their Miracle Gel polishes. I love them - they are also slightly curved at the end which is great as you get close to the cuticle.

Another thing you will eventually learn about me is I LIKE ANCHORS. No I mean like I will buy almost ANYTHING no matter what it is (napkins, pillows, scarves, flip flops, stickers, cups) if they have anchors on them.  This stems from the fact that I am a proud Delta Gamma (ya ya, don't knock me because I'm a sorority girl - I keep it real) and our symbol is an anchor. I also love anchors for other personal reasons and love me nothing more then a nautical mani.

I am new to "stamping" -  a technique in which you use a engraved image plate to transfer a polish pattern to a stamper and then "stamp" on your nail.  You can find a number of tutorials on YouTube about the process. Its not terribly difficult but definitely takes some practice.

I found this new Winstonia - Absolutely Nautical Plate and had to have it. It has so many anchors and fun patterns. I couldn't wait to try it out.  

Below is my final product - I personally love it. I will be experimenting with this plate more and more.


NARS Polish in NIGHT OUT (Sephora; Blue Mercury retail $20.00)
Winstonia - Absolutely Nautical Plate - Please click here to use my referral! 
This is my 2nd Winstonia plate and I really like it!
Konad White Stamping Polish (Amazon)

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  1. ooh these look so good! love them! id love it if youd comment back xx


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